We Have All Bought the Political Lies for far too Long

May/18/2016 5:28AM
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This was on Facebook from the Megyn Kelly Show. Mr. Priebus, who seems to see his cushy little job as the head of the RNC slipping away has suddenly become a Trump fan. I would bet  a pile of money that Trump wouldn’t hire this little weasel to work the front desk in one of his hotels. See, Mr. Penis represents all that is wrong with the Republican leadership. If you were hiring for this job would you hire a man with this voice who looks like Casper Milquetoast and has a name like a sneeze? A man who is the person responsible for uifying the party, but up until a week ago was supporting Romney with the rest of the anti-Trump group. Why should Trump have to go to the Speaker of the House and sell himself if there is a job called the head of the RNC? Trump had to be sitting there looking at Paul Ryan and Penis and thinking no wonder this country is in the shitter. Ryan spouting drivel about common principles and Trump thinking the GOP had to beg this twerp to take this job? Ryan, during his run for the VP spot,  claimed that he ran a marathon in “under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something,” during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt. However, Runner’s World found this to be false; his exact time was four hours, one minute, and twenty-five seconds. Not only is that over an hour longer than he originally said, but it also makes him slower than Al Gore, George W. Bush, John Edwards, and even Sarah Palin, all former members of a presidential ticket (and, slower than my one-and-done Chicago Marathon in 1980 3:45). Weinermobile Paul Ryan   RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told Megyn Kelly that the Republican Party is open to Donald J. Trump as the nominee because he’s bringing about change.

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Bill Robertson
Bill RobertsonGeez. Maybe when you put up two losers and lose twice to the worst president since Carter then get the house and senate and do nothing except pass the Obama spending bill, you need change. Start with telling McCain, Romney, Graham, and Ryan to shut the hell up.
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When I jumped in the comment section and wrote the thought above, 113 people liked the comment in 20 minutes.
Here’s the problem in a nutshell:
That’s right, 19 trillion and counting. Watch that little wheel whirl and watch the future for you, your kids, and your grandkids float away with the numbers. If we couldn’t print our own money and keep our ass afloat we would be like a homeless person.
How did it get to this? Because we have people like Paul Ryan spouting crap like common principles while saying Trump isn’t conservative enough after he rammed Obama’s big budget through Congress. Politicians who play politics. Politicians who support thousands of lobbyists spending billions of dollars every year to sway votes. Politicians who have every perk imaginable and never retire. They wheel them into the place. Politicians who have never lived in the real world and have zero accountability to anything but the next election. Politicians who can raise millions in campaign money and then take it with them if they ever retire. Just pay the taxes on the cash. Why do you think Obama is still fund raising?
So, who cares about the $19 trillion? Obama didn’t he’s responsible for a big chunk. Bernie, are you kidding? Hillary, no, no and no. Ryan, says he is but he has no clue how to fix the problem. He’s a policy wonk and a bean counter. He can count the beans but not shrink the pile. Congress, maybe a few in the House, none in the Senate. Voters on the dole, nope. young people who support Bernie, hardly. The media, no they want more spending, always. College professors, they are worse. Climate change scientists, no they are getting rich on the scam. Union government workers like the TSA making lines 2 hours. Who then?
  I don’t really know if anyone does who might seriously take a shot at fixing it. Desperation doesn’t do it. Detroit went down spending. Puerto Rico, the same. Illinois is next. Chicago will lead the way. Why do it when you know you are going to get blasted every day by the media?
I guess it would have to be a successful billionaire businessman who can take being blasted and no motive other than to fix the problems. Know anyone like that?
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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Paul Ryan and his colleques have a great opportunity to fix the TSA. Stop funding it and make it go private. Our congress and senate doesn’t do anything so why should Trump have to kiss their butt. It should be visa versa.

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