Midterm Elections

November/01/2022 20:03PM
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As a country we have now established bottom. It’s John Fetterman polling well for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

We can only hope this is polling like the Hillary/Trump election where Hillary was a shoe in.

There is no possible way Biden could have set the plate better for the Republicans. Everything is in total disarray. The economy is in the tank. Inflation is at a 40 year high. Twelve million have illegally breeched our Southern Border The foreign policy is in terrible shape. Biden’s gaffes have gone beyond reason. His son died in Iraq, he talked to the inventor of insulin (invented in 1922) j, gasoline was $5 when he took office, etc.

Even the media is suggesting a red wave. But most of us are fearful of election manipulation.

The optimism of the Republicans removing Biden’s rubber stamps and Pelosi as Speaker is tantalizing.

If this doesn’t happen, all is lost. Including this blog. The baton gets passed to the next generation which seems as docile as the Republicans in Congress.

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