9.1% Inflation in June is Deadly Serious

July/13/2022 9:21AM
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Take some time and look at what’s happening in Sri Lanka.
Begin with the premise that politicians and journalists have never worked in the real world where most of have. Bidenites believe men can get pregnant.

Now consider what really created the 9.1% inflation in June. If you think it was the Russian invasion of Ukraine stop here, sign off, and never come back. You will ride it out until this country becomes Sri Lanka, Venezuela, or Cuba. Sorry.

Sri Lanka was the greenest country in Asia. So green they banned fertilizer. So green the government spent a large part of the budget on green initiatives. When domestic food production came up short with no fertilizer there was no money to import food.

Now the politicians who did this fled. The country is staying barely alive with help from India, and the starving public is living in the politicians mansions.

Can’t happen here? Wrong. The inflation rate, the government spending rate, and the moronic leadership duplicates Sri Lanka. You want your kids and grandkids to suffer this? Just keep buying the advice from the lines of AOC, John Kerry, Liz Warren, and Bernie and the promotion those fools get from the media and you will live to see what the Sri Lankan’s see. Swim in Nancy’s pool and Joe’s ocean.

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