Republicans Control Nothing

April/24/2017 9:53AM
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First we gave them the House. Then we gave them the Senate. Then we gave them the presidency. The country wanted change but the country will get very little. Why?

Foremost, the liberals control the media. Hitler, and the media uses this man a lot lately, knew he had to put his best man in charge of thought control. Joseph Goebbels was Minister of Propaganda. He sold the program to the German people  and covered it up well from the rest of the world. He actually succeeded Hitler, for one day. So, every day our propaganda machine blasts Trump while grooming the ugly spawn of the vile Clinton family, Chelsea, as his replacement. Studies show that up to 85% of the media coverage of Trump is negative. This is a ton of thought control. They are working hard to eliminate the one alternative option, Fox News, by attacking their name stars.

Then, there’s the educational system. From el-hi to graduate school, kids are being educated by liberals. When teachers became teamsters the game was lost. Professors have always preached the liberal cause. But, now it’s peaking. Why? The liberal politicians have made them millionaires. Through the student loan program their salaries, benefits, and pensions are out of control. Until the free money tacked on the backs of the kids who support the people who are destroying their futures stops, it will continue to escalate. By telling our kids and grandkids that the system is rigged, they hook them. Sounds so simple. If we just take everything from the 1% er’s there will be no poverty and all will live like kings.  Uncle Bernie is the face of this along with Aunt Liz. Please see Venezuela.

Next are the Republicans themselves. The one’s who are millionaires, or , soon will be, supported by the corrupt system in DC. Tops on that list is Paul Ryan. Paul’s wife, Janna, has an interesting biography. Undergraduate Wellesley, law degree, George Washington University. (liberal hotbeds). Her grandfather founded the American Party,  which supported George Wallace for president. As a lobbyist, she represented the cigar industry to keep them exempt from the cigarette safety issues, the convenience store industry that sold cigars, Blue Cross and Blue Shield(benefitting from ObamaCare), and nuclear power plants. Then we have Mitch McConnell. In 2005 his net worth was between $1.6 MM and $4. 2 MM. No it’s $7.1 and $32,7. Pretty good for a guy who has never had a job in the private sector. He’s now the 12th wealthiest senator. In there a connection here? Ryan sleeps with a liberal and McConnell gets rich by playing ball with lobbyists. Next, we come to the just plain brain- dead senators, McCain and Graham who are pissed because the public passed them by. They support war with the world and care not for the platform that got their president elected.

Here are the classic examples. In polls, not the CNN and MSNBC polls, but real polls, over 75% of voters want term limits and do not want sanctuary cities. Term limits will never happen and sanctuary cities are the brand of the Democratic Party. This,  and this alone, may keep the Republicans in power.  As more and more illegals commit serious crimes the media can’t keep the lid on the mess. Democrats own this and will pay a big price for that deed down the road.

Trump can only do so much but the deck is stacked against him. The focus on the 100 days shows the stupidity of the media and the public. Obama had 8 years to do his damage and Trump is supposed to fix all that in 100 days?

The truth hurts, but until there are fundamental changes in the press and the schools, the headwinds against the Republican Party will stifle much progress.

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