Illegals Unwelcome at Martha’s Vineyard

September/18/2022 13:01PM
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In posh parts of this country controlled by liberals like Martha’s Vineyard, they pay lip service to being a sanctuary for illegals and support open borders. But ship them a planeload of 50 like Governor DeSantis did and woe to those poor illegals when they arrive. Gather them up while like terrified locals sip wine and watch and cart them off the island.

Biden has allowed 3 million to enter the country flown them to red cities and states to change the balance in the electorate and no complaints. But send 50 to Obama’s backyard and all hell breaks loose.

Liberal hypocrisy has no bounds. Like climate change advocates preaching to us about all we need to sacrifice while flying private, having multiple residences, huge yachts, limos, and on the move constantly.

Sorry folks, that’s the end game for you, your kids, and grandkids. Live in a cave while Obama, Oprah, and John Kerry continue their present lifestyle. Can you say Cuba and Castro?

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