The Incessant Beatdown of President Trump

October/04/2022 7:20AM
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It has never stopped since he came down the escalator. The media and Democrat Party attacks on the man.

They won. We have a turnip for a President who has turned this country into a disaster. When Trump was President, the country was running like a Swiss watch. Now it’s a broken watch only gives the correct time twice a day. But the media paints a rosy picture of President who was incompetent before he sank into Alzheimer’s. The perfect leader to destroy a country.

Meanwhile the Democrat Party using the justice departments they own continue their assault on Trump and his family. They raid his home, the NY attorney general files charges against the family, and the media acts as if he’s still there as President.

All of this begs many questions. Why does the media want to destroy the country? Those who work there may be the least intelligent people working anywhere. Like college professors they still carry the torch for Socialism. They worship climate change not God. They are owned by uber rich who care not about making money but influencing the power they own.

Why do voters pay attention to the media? We always have. From early days the media have endorsed candidates and people have cared about those endorsements.

Trump is the biggest threat to all. The cause the media support, the Democrat Party and even Republican politicians who are corrupt and want to stay that way.

Sadly, for those of us who appreciate what Trump accomplished it may be time to acknowledge he is too big a liability to continue to support. They have tarred him sufficiently that it’s time to move on to Governor DeSantis.

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