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I decided to expand into classic literature. I am trying my hand at writing a tragedy. A play like Romeo and Juliet based in Chicago. The basis for the play will be the misuse of public grants. The feds are conducting an investigation of grant money in Illinois being misused.  When two of the last three governors have gone to prison, it caused all types of investigations. Even a couple now looking into the outgoing governor. If that results in legal action, it could be that three for three go to jail. It is a tragedy that politicians and minions of politicians in Illinois keep stealing from the public. Especially in a place where the state is nearing bankruptcy. Maybe that’s why the state is broke.

So, let’s assume a plot that says two minorities take 3 million in grant money and spend it on luxury cars, yacht club expenses, and vacation getaway spots in Savannah, Ga, and Hilton Head, S.C. We will assume this pair got caught up in a net that has included 10 people who pleaded guilty already to corruption charges with this couple and two more pending. For fun, let’s include in the 10 who pleaded guilty an ex-state Rep. and a famous preacher’s daughter. That should add some pizzazz to the play.

Let’s call the couple who are on trial,  Karen and Leon Dingle. No relation to John Dingle from Detroit, whose wife, Debbie, just got elected to his congressional seat that John occupied for 59 years.  Further, let’s assume the Dingle’s were on the staff of a golfing friend of the president of the United States. We will name him Eric Whitaker.  In the play, Whitaker refuses to answer questions from the bench in the trial claiming it’s a racial witch hunt. Now, the judge must name him a hostile witness. Whitaker has refused to answer whether he had a personal relationship with Quinshaunta Golden, who was Whitaker’s chief of staff at public health, and has pleaded guilty to corruption in the case. Finally, before the judge, Whitaker testified” it was fair to say the had more than a professional relationship with Ms. Golden”. Translation, Whitaker was banging Golden, who is the niece of Danny Davis, who is an US Representative from Chicago. So, Obama’s  golfing buddy is banging his chief of staff and the niece of a Congressman, and a person who has pleaded guilty to corruption. Oh, that famous minister’s daughter, who also pleaded guilty, is Jeri Wright, daughter of Jeremiah  Wright, the infamous minister who taught Obama how to speak. The “God damned  America” preacher. She was convinced by a jury of multiple counts of money laundering.

The judge told Whitaker the investigation resulted in the convictions of white people, not just blacks. He mentioned Blagojevich and political fixer Tony Rezko. Rezko was Obama’s neighbor in Chicago and sold him a pice of property to expand the Obama complex for almost nothing when Obama was a nobody.

A nice piece of fiction, right? Except it’s not fiction. It was buried on page 7 in the December 7, 2014 Chicago Tribune. Fitting, it was published on Pearl Harbor Day.

So, may I summarize? The long-time friend and golfing buddy of President Obama was the public health chief for the state of Illinois. While in that job he was banging his chief of staff, Ms. Golden who has pleaded guilty to corruption. She is the niece of Congressman,  Danny Davis. Two people who received grants from the Whitaker office are on trial for using $3 million in grant money, which was to go fight AIDS, pandemic flu, and cervical cancer, on a lavish lifestyle. Whitaker said he would cooperate with authorities but now refuses to testify. Already guilty are Connie Howard, an ex-state representative(D-Chicago), who pleaded guilty, and Jeri Wright, daughter of Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright., who was guilty by jury trial.

So, you guessed it, it’s not fiction, it’s true Chicago politics. Does it belong on page 7 of the Tribune? You have Obama’s friend involved, Obama’s pastor’s  daughter involved, the niece of a U.S. Congressman from Chicago involved, you have 10 people of 14 who have either pleaded guilty or been convicted of stealing from the state, and you have such a juicy story it should be all over the news.

You can’t make this stuff up. Fact in Illinois is better than fiction by Shakespeare.

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Police are under attack by the media with the situations in Ferguson and New York. Watch this video from Chicago and decide whether this policeman should be indicted. He told the person to put the gun down and he complied. Still he shot him. A clear- cut case of unfair treatment by cops to blacks? Watch it two or three times. Notice the man reach in the back right pocket and take out a second gun? He still has it in his hand after he goes down. If he waited a second longer to shoot he may have been shot himself.

You want a job as a policeman?

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Thank you Senator Feinstein for spending $40 million in taxpayer money for a study of events that happened 8 years ago. I am so upset with  what the CIA did to terrorists back then I can hardly sleep. Thank God we didn’t behead them like they do to our citizens. Or, strap a bomb on a child and have that child walk into a busy public place and set it off.  Or that we didn’t fly a plane load of innocents into a skyscraper and kill hundreds more innocents.  Or we didn’t drop a drone on what we are fairly sure might be a terrorist and kill a dozen  civilians in the process.

I  am horrified that we put them through seal training.  That’s where we sleep deprive potential seals to see if they can hang in there. Or, put them in ice water for hours to see if they quit.  Heaven forbid we did that to people who want to kill as many of us as they can in the name of Allah.

Here’s what I see coming down the road from your valuable piece of work.  First, the CIA, which you trashed, will leak information that documents the intelligence we did get from those actions. That will prove your $40 million dollar piece of work to be mostly fiction. Since it was done by 100% of the democrats on the committee and no one interviewed the accused CIA agents. You started with a desired outcome and paid academic geeks $40 million to produce that  outcome.

You and your fellow democrats took it on the chin pretty good in the last election. You have just added another reason why the next will be worse for your party. And, John McCain, who should be in assisted living, won’t be running again in his 80’s as he pledged to do since he won’t be electable as a dog catcher in Arizona.  Arizona is not San Francisco and citizens won’t appreciate your little piece of work.

Hopefully, no one will get killed over this piece of garbage.  Not that it  would make any difference to you. See, Diane, Bush is long gone from public office. Obama is now finding a new bottom for an approval rating and you have just hit the down button for him. Not that he needed your help. Your party is running from Obama, ObamaCare, and your party in general. When this is over you will be more toxic than Obama. Maybe even more toxic than Jonathon Gruber. How bad is that for the former head of the Intelligence Committee, an oxymoron, perhaps?

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