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Better Lives for Our Grandchildren: A Plane Crash Survivor's Perspective on Politics and Life , by Bill Robertson (Author)

A retired marketing executive of a $40 billion corporation, Bill Robertson has led an interesting life. Growing up in Niles, Michigan, he attended Harvard Business School, ran a marathon, scaled Mt. Rainier, played a round of golf with Neil Armstrong, met President Reagan, and made six holes in one. He also survived a devastating airline disaster aboard United Airlines Flight 232, which crashed in Sioux City, Iowa. The crash changed his priorities and his life. Spending time with a growing family became his top concern, and he worried for the future of his six grandkids. The future looked bleak. His grandkids’ generation might be the first to have a lower standard of living than their parents. This book, Better Lives for Our Grandchildren: A Plane Crash Survivor's Perspective on Politics and Life, shows how he applied his extensive marketing experience to examine the direction of the country by taking the reader on the journey that led to the election of Donald J. Trump as president. The country wanted change, and Bill’s book identifies why there was so much angst and what the country is doing to change direction.

June/18/2018 11:30AM
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Here it comes. You knew it would. Trump promised to push term limits for Congress in his campaign. Evidently he thinks the time is right to spring it.  Today’s Tweet from Trump. I recently had a terrific meeting with a bipartisan group of freshman lawmakers who feel very strongly in favor of Congressional term limits. Read the full article…

June/16/2018 8:04AM
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So now we know. The Democrats own the FBI. We knew they owned the media, academia, unions, Hollywood, the ACLU, the Jewish vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the states of California and New York, but now thanks to this report, the chief law enforcement agency in the United States is in their pockets. Read the full article…

June/13/2018 6:49AM
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In one country the media are about to change. They will stop blasting propaganda over loud speakers 24/7 to brain wash the public. In the other country it will just get worse. Newspapers, radio, and TV will still be spewing propaganda. Journalism is dead in America. This was proven yesterday. Trump pulled a historic diplomatic coup. The mainstream media Read the full article…