This Week in America

June/06/2016 5:52AM
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    1. spill Can you say pipeline can and it will be time in 2017

      What Cheryl Mills Doesn’t Know Could Last Seven Hours – Wait. It Does.

    2. Here it is. What a ticket.You get Bill for president, a Native American hater of capitalism for VP

    3. 3 NBA players beat up girl friendsLiberal media for expulsions. Lady hit in face at rally OK.

      WATCH Thug Anti-Trump Rioters Wave Mexican Flags & Violently Attack Supporters Aren’t liberals cute?

    4. She can attack till the cows come home. He built a business, she extorted cash from countries

      Summer in Chicago. Beautiful beaches. A city run by democrats for a century can’t control zip.North Ave.

    5. The affiliate in Chicago does a 4 minute trash Trump number re: and the judge. Chicago goes broke- no story.

      have destroyed education in USA. Test scores suck, college costs too much. Now, it’s for profits. Sad.

      is doing the right thing by insulting every one of you lying, biased, ignorant media. You need it.

    6. Here’s a helpful chart to keep you safe.

      1. Most Tesla Model 3 buyers won’t get the $7,500 tax break April 06 – CNNMoney Taxpayers may stop selling Teslas.

        Current U-6 Unemployment Rate – via For those who questioned my tweet the U-6 unemployment 9.1%

        The party of the poor, the illegal, Hollywood, uber rich, tree huggers.Woe if you disagree violence

        the effective rate is now 9.1%. The lying-assed Obama rate is 4.5% backed by the media. What BS

        She goes on a screeching rant about .Says she has plan to fight .Allies will do it Right?

        Obama taking credit for Indiana’s economic turnaround is like Gore inventing the Internet.

        What do and have in common. Accomplishments, honesty, and Socialism.Accomplishments:0.

        One is a screech owl,it has a shrill voice,and eats rats.The other is a rat that screeches words on a TelePrompTer


        Vote for me because I can read crap put on a TelePrompTer paid for with $ extorted from foreign countries

        headline Trump involved in 3,500 lawsuits Know why?Hes actually done things other than politic.

    7. These fine people will be moving to Canada in November. The new PM will love you. He’s destroying Canada.

    8. Donald Trump will be our next president despite all efforts to stop it.

      1. BOOM! State Dept ADMITS video on Iran Deal was DELIBERATELY scrubbed!!


        Golf tournament leaving Trump’s Doral course for Mexico WRONG DIRECTION FOR THE JOBS!!

    9. Why do voters want Socialism for America?They can sit on their ass and eat well

    10. She’s screeching about Trump University and I should care? She hasn’t faced the press in 180 days

    11. candidate has 22,500 employees.Made $ by running hotels around the world.The other extorted hers

      Its called dogma. Repeat it often enough and its fact. Repeat: The USA is a country of immigrants

      How ignorant does a person need be not to see it doesn’t work? Example after example from Cuba to Greece.

    12. Can one man over 31 years destroy a state? Yes, Michael Madigan working with media and unions did it.

    13. if he governments serves at our discretion why haven’t the 70% who want term limits gotten them?

      the country is on to the propaganda machine known as media spreading BS. Here’s a sample .

    14. limits the poster boy for term limits. Michael Madigan has controlled Illinois for 31 yrs. Broke the state.

    15. The voters understand Trump.It’s professors, media, public employees,Hollywood,etc who don’t choose to.

      I have a question. Why did you lay off campaign staff? Why not cut pay and keep everyone in payroll?

      All you Democrats who feel they should not have shot the gorilla should be ashamed. Animal rights, my ass

      Don’t you just love all the folks who know whether the gorilla would have hurt the kid? voters.

    16. Can you believe it? Voters prefer a businessman with 22,500 employees and $10 billion in assets over us?

      We have had monkey talk from Republicans for 20 yrs. practitioners are: “You can teach a monkey to say”

    17. home of run by his buddy the murder Capitol of the world. we must have change

      worries me is the million Canadiians who may sneak across the border since their PM is a Hillary.

    18. writes that#Trump presidency will have more corruption, abuse than dictatorship. Where do they get these hacks

      when the liberal media finally gets their way like Detroit or Puerto Rico what happens? Slime slides away.

    19. in roots for more spending to accelerate the bankruptcy and loss on businesses and taxpayers. Evil.

    20. Which one might’ve tiring to smuggle something onto a plane?

    21. The Inspector General means nothing, the FBI means nothing, Trey Gowdy dies zip. What’s it take?

    22. we have a president who likes campaigning and fund raising. It’s all he does well. Let’s try a leader

    23. Got the day off? Enjoy and think of these assholes who took two weeks on your dime.

    24. See this is what we all forget on this day to remember those who sacrificed for us. Get it right.

    25. Sue left town and I painted the cow again. Comments?

    26. Failure to override: Illinois will go broke. It can’t be fixed? Want this for USA? Vote

    27. 4,000 Donors and Counting Now Supporting Campaign to Oust Paul Ryan

    28. #$15 minimum wage. Here’s how it works. gets rid of good jobs. Now kids with degrees work at Chip Wagon.

  1. Take a minute and smile this holiday weekend. It’s almost over.

  2. From the greatest generation to pajama boy we have Obama to thank.A record number at home w/mom.

  3. Go ahead and destroy your political futures. You are all losers. You won’t be missed.

  4. we are done with typical politicians. Lawyers, talkers, thieves, campaigners, fund raisers. Did 0, do 0.

  5. this guy epitomizes what’s wrong with the USA. Never done one meaningful thing in his life. Go home Paul.

  6. ‘s A blind man is suing MD’s because they won’t serve walk ups at the drive up window. Says it violates Americans w/Disabilities.

  7. mayor to Gov. ‘s veto of budget proposal. Basically said state needs to go broke to save city

    • -…

  8. Huge crowds turn out to hear Trump speak. Young,old, black, white, rich,poor, white and blue collars.

  9. We the people dislike Clintons,big government, all politicians, , media, free loading illegals, etc

  10. Being mistreated by government.Veterans dying, travelers missing flights, no jobs, tuition inflation, etc

  11. Support the working men and women my ass. $10 gasoline puts tree huggers first.

  12. going into a weekend where we recognize men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom. No Obama.

  13. cute how media covers Trump rallies. the violence by Democrats. Then negatives.But never the huge crowds.

  14. the state is broke. The state stopped sending out emissions test notices. Started sending them. Lines are miles long. Taking shit.

  15. and at last the media will no longer be humping Obama’s leg like a little puppy. Facts no.

  16. Add the to the to the to to everything the government tries to run .

  17. puts a failed CEO from P&G in charge of fixing VA. Media goes away.

  18. would not fix the VA problems. He screwed up P&G so gives him the VA

  19. when do the Democrats realize Hillary will lose big to and dump her for Joe? Started this week

  20. . of Today goes after Peyton and doping. Haugh U of IL basketball.quit

  21. She is an incompetent who has never accomplished zip. She is guilty if passing secrets to enemies. Jail

  22. Here’s a tip for you screwing up travel.This is a terrorist. This a granny. Spend more time with 1st.

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