November/10/2022 9:04AM
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I wrote the first blog entry on January 31, 2008. It was titled, “Fix the Problem, Don’t Fix the Blame”. Still relative today. Politicians and the media are adept at pointing out who caused problems but inapt at fixing the problem. In the early years it was an entry a day. Until November 2012 when Read the full article…

November/01/2022 20:03PM
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As a country we have now established bottom. It’s John Fetterman polling well for the US Senate in Pennsylvania. We can only hope this is polling like the Hillary/Trump election where Hillary was a shoe in. There is no possible way Biden could have set the plate better for the Republicans. Everything is in total Read the full article…

October/24/2022 10:06AM
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Yet they make trillion $ decisions. As a career oil man I can tell you this. Neither Biden nor anyone in his cabinet could pass a basic test on energy. One on sources, production, cost, by-products, efficiency, availability, etc. They know as much as a former bartender-AOC. Share