Highland Park Fourth of July Shooting

July/06/2022 13:30PM
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The politicians couldn’t get there fast enough. The Governor and both Senators. Each with the same answer for stopping this kind of violence. Gun control. Then in a couple of days the states attorney grabs a mic and acknowledged that red flag laws and assault weapon bans exist in Highland Park.

Next comes the “there’s nothing to see here” claims. Cops took away knives and a sword because the family felt threatened. The state police got involved but nothing happened because there was no complaint.

Now the nasty stuff on social media is exposed. Material that depicted a school shooting.

Here’s my suggestion. These parents get indicted as accessories after the fact to murder. Let them serve 10 years each in a federal prison. This is the only way this stops. If parents are home when a teen party with alcohol is present and a teen kills someone driving home those parents go to jail. Why is this any different? These parents knew full well that this young man was dangerous. They are complicit in these heinous crimes.

Publicize the hell out of their trial and conviction like the media glorifies these acts for the mentally fragile.

This will bring forth a multitude of situations brewing across the country. It will go further than the politicians trying to make political capital by showing up at the scene and repeating the same old tired dogma.

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