May/16/2022 23:13PM
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Biden has been reading the term “ultra MAGA” from his teleprompter to describe anyone not supporting his disaster. Jen Psaki was asked if Biden coined this term. Her answer was “yes he came up with it.” Do you enjoy the obfuscation the Biden Administration and the President try to sell on a daily basis? A Read the full article…

May/09/2022 13:53PM
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Gov. J.B. Pritzker said making filling stations advertise his temporary gas tax suspension or pay $500 a day in fines was not forced political speech. But an association of 500 small petroleum businesses is suing because they believe otherwise. Illegal as hell. But isn’t everything in Illinois? Share

May/02/2022 12:28PM
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It’s as if the media thinks 100% of the public is naive and will believe what they produce. The truth is harsh. Very few Americans are unaware of the President’s cognitive deficiency. And most see the deterioration. Worse yet, few think it is appropriate for the media to work to hide the issue. In addition Read the full article…