Insanity of Hydrocarbon Elimination

October/15/2022 9:00AM
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Here’s a lack of logic in the energy plans of the current administration.

Biden and the Democrats in Congress are very proud of the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill they passed. To rebuild, build, and repair the roads and bridges this bill will encompass tons of asphalt will be required.

They passed a $350 billion bill to eliminate hydrocarbons, the source of asphalt. This is the epitome of the lack of understanding politicians have of the energy business.

Germany has spent trillions on alternative energy, and they haven’t moved the needle. They chose to depend on Russia for natural gas much like Biden is doing with the Saudis for oil. Germany is backing off the rush to eliminate hydrocarbons because Putin is cutting off the natural gas, and Biden is watching gas prices go back up before the election as OPEC cuts output led by the Saudis.

The 8% inflation today is nothing compared to what we would see if we were totally dependent on wind and solar for energy. Californians are seeing that in utility bills.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    And those wind turbine blades are polymers made from hydrocarbons, lubricated by gallons of special oils made from hydrocarbons, transported and installed by energy from hydrocarbons, but sure go ahead and eliminate hydrocarbons.

    Reminds me of the time a representative from a drug abuse program spoke at a local section gathering of chemists and uttered the statement “You should strive to lead a chemical free life.” There are a number of people in this country that should do just that. Water is a chemical.

    • bill says:

      Like having two bills for spending. One to eliminate hydrocarbons for $350 billion and a second to upgrade the infrastructure for a trillion. No asphalt to do the upgrade. Paving with liberal dreams.

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