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September/15/2022 8:07AM
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Sean Hannity is beating the drum that this report will finally bring justice to the Russian hoax. Will it?

Do you believe for one minute that the justice system in this country that pulled over a pillow salesman, Mike Lindell, to confiscate his cell phone will expose the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, and the Biden’s for wiretapping the Trump campaign headquarters? Sorry, not likely.

Those who pull Biden’s puppet strings go deep into the bowels of that justice system. Just like the Hannity promise, we get news reports of dozens of whistle blowers in the FBI coming forward to tell how corrupt their leaders are, we have yet to see one.

Sadly, it appears the justice system like the media is in the bag for the liberal cause that for reasons that are incomprehensible want a lawless society. Covering egregious deeds like wiretapping a Presidential candidate’s campaign headquarters is acceptable and penalty free if the right party did it.

Herer’s a clue. John Durham has been appearing on a milk carton for months. Leaving adequate time for a public than won’t remember the Queen died in a month to put this in a category of “so what.”

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