Trump Shows Incredible Toughness

October/10/2016 19:16PM
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He’s campaigning against the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the media, and the Republican Party and he’s hanging tough. This is a man who has faced down many challenges in his business life and managed to overcome them. This is not a soft weasel like Paul Ryan who will run from someone yelling boo. This is not a war hero who never should have been running anything and needs to retire like John McCain. This is not a man who runs his campaign based on daily polls and will cheat and lie to be elected like Hillary Clinton, matriarch of the Clinton Crime family.

The media, that polls at 6% approval rating, is trying to take him down. The Obama administration, that refuses to indict Hillary for obvious crimes, is trying to avoid doing the right thing because Hillary has the goods on the president. The GOP establishment knows the gravy train is over if he gets elected. Ten thousand lobbyists will be out of work in DC.  The scientists who sell bogus climate scams to politicians are quaking. Those who depend on huge margins from government contracts are unhappy. Thousand of government employees who don’t show up for work frequently, who don’t care about performance, and who can’t be fired, will find they can be. Like 80% of the Veterans Administration, most of the Department of Energy,  and the rest of the deadbeats riding the gravy train.  Felons Obama turned loose to get votes will be locked up again. Illegal who have committed felonies will be shipped home.

Everything that has pissed most of us off for lifetimes might just get fixed. See, when no one owns you it’s much easier to do business the way we do business outside of DC.

This is called real change. The kind of change Reagan brought to DC.

The brouhaha over the salty locker room talk from 11 years ago demonstrates how far we are lost as a country.  When we have Miley Cyrus lecturing us about objectifying women, we are off the rails. When an old man like Robert De Niro talking like he’s raging bull, lectures me I am reminded of him in a movie with a 12 year old prostitute while playing a character thinking about killing the president. I say stuff it Bob.  This is unfortunate talk, but we hear it and do it all the time. Both men and women. So, cut the holier than thou crap and get real.

Do you want Obama on speed running this country for four years or do you want an imperfect man who has accomplished great things in his life and may just clean up the rat’s nest that  has become Washington DC and get this country back on track. If that’s what you want, then stiffen your spine and take on the  people who have been sold a bill of goods that political correctness trumps substance and support Trump, pun intended.

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