Biden is Draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for Political Reasons

October/19/2022 8:23AM
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Biden announced today he will draw another 15 million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve.

Playing politics with the SPR is just another bad idea by Biden. Some other President will pay the price when there is panic need for domestic oil. It’s down to 427 million barrels. Lowest since 1984.

Biden has lowered the gas price by draining the SPR. It’s like two elderly people selling their life insurance policy and remortgaging the house to take a world cruise while their 40 something paraplegic son faces a lifetime of 24/7 care.

Meanwhile President Xi is holding his big meeting to get another five years as President. He is escalating the rhetoric about taking the world leadership from the USA. And invading Taiwan.

Imagine, if you will, the US with zero hydrocarbons, the big Biden dream. China invades the US. No fuel for tanks, planes, or Hummers. We will be tilting at windmills.

With such little time before the mid-term elections and with many already voted, like me, what will this really acomplish?

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