Secret FISA Memo and Government Shutdown

January/21/2018 9:32AM
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The Democrats hit the daily double last week. They voted to a person not to release the FISA memo that reportedly shows that President Obama authorized illegal spying on Trump based on the phony  dossier funded by Hillary’s campaign.  What we need now is a weasel like John Dean to come forth to save his ass. Like Mueller ,who was up to his ass in all of this. Does it surprise you that the chief law enforcement agencies in this country participated in this illegal activity?

Then, their second horse came in. They voted, again, to a person, to shut the government down for Dreamers. The number of dreamers is an elusive figure. The popular number tossed about is 800,000(Washington Post, Sept. 6, 2017) But, recent media reports show much higher numbers, 3.6 million (USA Today, 1-18-18). Is it possible the Democrats have been lying about that number?

Here are some facts from the Migration Policy Institute:

1. There are 43 million immigrants in the U.S.

2.  About 11 million are undocumented

3. 22% are under the age of 25

4. In 2016 1.9 million were eligible for DACA

5. 800,000 have their requests for DACA accepted

6. To get that they had to be younger than 31 on 6-15-12.

7. They had to come here before 6-15-07.

8. A left-wing survey shows 90% had jobs

9. The same survey shows the average wage was $17.46

10. Same survey shows 72% were in higher education

11. After getting DACA 80% got driver’s licenses

13. A separate left-wing poll in April 2017 showed 56% of registered voters favored letting DACA Dreamer stay if they meet certain requirements

What is the game the Democrats are playing?  Did they really shut the government down for 800,000 registered DACA Dreamers(number registered) ? Hell no. They did this for the 43 million immigrants in the U.S.  But, most of those came through the front door. Except for the 11 million who Homeland Security say didn’t. Honest polls say front door immigrants don’t support those who snuck in the back.

I’m a marketing guy. We dissect data to determine a target market. Based on the data, this is a big loser for the Democrats.

Now, back to FISA. Here is a fact you don’t want to hear. Most government workers at every level are Democrats. Who said this, “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government”? Not Reagan, but George Meany , president of A.F.L.-C.I.O. in 1955. FDR said it was “unthinkable and intolerable”.  So what do government employees who are union bargain for? They produce no profit, so they bargain for more of the taxpayer money. Democrats are very generous with pay and benefits, so it stands to reason the benefactors of this generosity are voting Democrat. They bargain so well Illinois is going to file bankruptcy in the next 5 years because of public employee union pensions.

It sounds nice to hear that employees of the law enforcement agencies are impartial but not logical.

So, yes, Obama unleashed the FBI, NSA, etc. on Trump’s campaign headquarters and maybe even my phone or house. Yes, it’s illegal, and all, including Obama and Mueller, should go to jail. Will they? Doubtful, but John Dean sang like a canary and there are canaries in this swamp that might sing. But, keep in mind, no one is supporting Trump on this. Not most Republicans who have dirty laundry, government employees, judges, the media, etc. The Washington Post got Nixon, but everyone there voted for Hillary. And you and I buy from Amazon and Jeff Bezos who hates Trump and loves Obama. This shows that Trump is the sole Republican hope for those of us who prefer not to have Socialism in this country.

If the memo is released the genie is out of the bottle and it will all blow sky-high and Mueller the Special prosecutor investigating Trump will go to jail. How ironic.

Polls showed before this week that Trump is a loser and the Democrats will retake the Congress in November and Trump will Tweet himself to death, since his health is so bad. Remember, same polls showed Hillary would win by a landslide.

I believe the Democrats took themselves out of the future this week.

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