Is Loyalty Only a Democratic Party Attribute?

August/25/2018 8:28AM
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Mueller is passing out immunity like candy. In my life I’ve done some questionable things. If I contact him and promise to make up some lies about Trump can I get immunity?

The media sure seems to be tiptoeing around one guy with immunity, David Pecker. Somehow they find a way to tell the story of his immunity without mentioning his name. Once the National Inquirer was a national joke, but, today as all media is a bigger joke, the paper has gained gravitas.

From Omarata to Pecker to Stormy to Cohen to the CFO of Trump’s company they parade across the media for a day and fade away.

Whatever celebrity Omarosa has was given to her by Trump. His reward, a sleazy book and the media show parade trashing him. He paid Cohen millions as his attorney and he taped him. Supposedly Trump and Pecker were friends. Trump’s CFO, Allen Weisselberg, is supposed to testify against him? Doubtful.

For me, this adds up to zilch as far as the Mueller investigation is concerned. It has morphed from Russian colluding with Trump to steal the to the 2016 election  from the sure winner to a hunt to dig into the lives of everyone who Trump knows to find dirt on Trump. Mueller has become the National Inquirer.

The upshot will be the Republicans will keep the House and Senate, Sessions will be fired after the election, Mueller will go away, and the Democrat Party will become the Socialist Party of America. And, America will continue on the road to being great again.

But, here’s the question that emerges from all this. Why no Democrat Party rats coming forth? There have to be hundreds who have worse dirt on Obama and Hillary and the Clinton crime family than what we’ve seen with Trump. Where are they? Do they try to tell their story and get no audience? Few, if any, media outlets would listen. Sessions isn’t doing any investigation that we know about on any Democrats. Is the FBI so political that no agent is looking at any crime done by any high-ranking Democrat?

I believe the one thing that has emerged from all of this that disheartens me the most is the news that the Department of Justice, the FBI, the NSA, and the CIA were all political. The mere fact that the Democrat Party is more generous with pay, benefits, and perks has bought the loyalty of law enforcement is truly scary.

But, I look at my home state, Illinois, and you can see it clearly. That generosity will ultimately bankrupt the state.  Public employee pay and pensions plus heath insurance costs have created an obligation that can’t be paid by taxes on the employed. So, the loyalty may be a simple preference for those who pay the most. More than we can afford to pay.

We keep seeing a list of people who die mysteriously around the Clinton crime family when they are on the brink of being disloyal. It worked for the Mafia.

Whatever the reason, it would be refreshing to see some bipartisan disloyalty.

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  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    The first part of this statement is in jest.
    Maybe Mueller has had a homosexual relationship in his past and that is why he won’t touch Pecker. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

    How many secret pardons were issued by Obama from the election of Trump until Trump was sworn in. These never have to be announced unless something is brought to light.
    Then the accused just says: sorry, I have a pardon. End of story.

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