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February/14/2017 15:37PM
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I watched patiently while these fools applauded every mistake Obama made for eight years. Now, I say, shut the hell up while he fixes what you drooled over. Recent Gallup polls show 62% of Americans say Trump keeps his promises. He is rated higher than before the election on 5 keys areas. And, the Republicans are more positive than Democrats in almost every area.

Some of the dumbest people in this country are so-called journalists. They sold out long ago. Dumber yet are celebrities who memorize lines and believe being a liberal will help them overcome the Biblical warning that it’s easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle and to get a rich man into heaven.  Right in there somewhere are the professors and administrators who preach the same drivel. Colleges and Universities are some of the worst run institutions in the country, if not the world. These groups are all singing from the same hymnal. Fortunately, the congregation is not listening. But, they will not be discouraged. They will chisel away until they find a chink in the wall and then slip in the dynamite. When they brought down Nixon they believed they were running the country.  They wake every day believing they can decide what’s best for this country. They distract the public which is easily distracted. They want the public to focus on the Flynn resignation than the mess Obama left.

obamas-resultsTrump, like a billionaire businessman, has his attention on those figures(above). That’s why he took on the load. That’s why he got elected. Remember, over 70% of the public felt the country was heading in a bad direction. The direction shown in the charts. Media people couldn’t read one of those charts and have no clue what they mean.

There will be changes in media options, and, soon. The public is fed up to the gills with what we have from national to local, from TV to newspapers, from CNN to Fox. Money flows to opportunity and when an industry is broken money comes in quickly to take advantage. Jerks like Jeff Bezos(Amazon) who buy the Washington Post for a hobby to sell their liberal bent will be matched by a billionaire who buys CNN to give the public an option to the liberal news and to make money, not to lose money like Bezos. In the interim:



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