America the Ugly

June/17/2017 9:28AM
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It is becoming intolerable. My country that I love is becoming a cesspool of ugliness.

I turn on my computer to get my e-mail and I am treated to a daily anti-Trump message. Today’s message: “Trump owes lenders a shocking sum”. So, the author seems to be misunderstanding the business of business. Businesses have debt. A billion dollar business has $300 million in liabilities. Shame on that. I’ve found its easier to smile knowing the person who wrote that is not on food stamps.

Those of us who feel Trump gave up a pretty nice life to try to fix the damage Obama did to this nation deserve better. The media in this country is waging war against our president and there are no shelters. It’s a full -out bombing raid and there are casualties as we saw last week when they got a deranged man so angry he shot up a ball field of Republicans. It’s not white noise designed to mute conversation in an office, it’s  full – blown North Korean propaganda where speakers blare the message of that deranged leader across that country. It’s Tass or Pravda in the old Soviet Union.

We grow weary of the nastiness. But, it isn’t going to stop. Civil dialogue is gone. The senator from California demonstrated that in her cross-examination of our Attorney General. It was tantamount to a trial of a petty felon in city court.  One of the Republican Senators in that hearing, McCain, asks questions that have zero to do with the subject. Demonstrating why the media seek him out for comment on everything regarding Trump. He knows not what party he represents and needs to go home and retire.  As  the noise and vitriol ratchet up the damage will get worse.

We now live in a nation with no free press. It has become a country where the media sell their version of truth and you buy it or else. In a country, accustomed to freedom of speech and belief, that creates anger. On the left that anger seems to manifest itself in violence. On the right, frustration. But, frustration has its limits. Students disrupted a production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park during the bloody scene in which the title character styled to resemble President Trump is knifed to death.

Daily the Washington Post and New York Times publish lies about Trump. The Post, a hobby for Jeff Bezos , now approaching the word’s richest person, got there by capitalism and from your patronage of his company, Amazon. When does frustration on the right translate into no business from the right for Amazon? It hasn’t yet, but it should.

I live in Illinois most of the year. A state where two politicians have bankrupted the state. It’s not official but if an audit were done, like a corporate audit, it would be official. How can two people destroy a state with impunity? Took them 40 years each and Obama was getting it done in only 8. And it took compliance from the media every step of the way. They supported every move these two made to get here.. Very few, if any, will remember this when it all blows up in the next couple of years. Illinois will not become Venezuela but it will become an undesirable place to live. That’s happening already as people flee the state.

We tell our children your life will be determined by the big decisions you make along the way. Bad decisions are being shoved down our throats daily. You can be that kid who takes the drugs his or her friend offers,  or you can abstain. Illinois is a junkie, will America follow?

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  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    I did hear from a reliable source that they wanted to move Detroit to Illinois, because they want more Democrat voters.

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