Trump is Succeeding

June/12/2017 6:34AM
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This is my blog from September 2012.

September 2012

How Reagan Fixed Carter’s Mess

September/03/2012 16:31PM

Jimmy Carter created Obama’s plan to destroy the U.S. economy in four years. He grew government, increased government spending, added regulations, increased taxes, and initiated a timid foreign policy. Those of us who remember watched the rise of pessimism about the future of America. (Obama got 4 more years to wreak destruction)


Here’s the comparison. Only twice since WW II has unemployment gone over 10%: in 1982, under Carter, and in 2009, under Obama. In just over 4 years, the Reagan recovery added 7.8 million jobs. In just under 4 years, Obama has lost 4 million jobs. Under Reagan, household income grew by $3,380; under Obama it dropped by $4,000. Under Reagan, people on food stamps fell by 3 million. Under Obama that number has grown by 20 million. Under Reagan, Medicaid grew by 535,000. Under Obama it has grown by 11 million.


How did Reagan turn it around? He just undid what Carter had done. He lowered taxes, reduced regulations, cut government spending (except military where he added a trillion dollars), and sent a foreign policy message that America was once again serious.


Based on this comparison, can you even envision what four more years of Obama’s policies would do to this country?


Romney will follow the Reagan road that fixed the Carter economy. Obama will continue the Carter/Obama path that destroys the economy. We only gave Carter four years to break everything. If we give Obama 8 years, it may be broken beyond repair.

Now to today. If the Democrats, the media, and idiots like McCain and Lindsay Graham will shut up and go to work, Trump will do the same. He is following the Reagan plan and it will work again just as it did after Carter.

Be patient and ignore the distractions and we will see significant economic growth. Ryan and McConnell need to get to work and help Trump make it happen.

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