My Country Has Lost Focus

January/25/2018 12:32PM
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News today is like a gossip column.  Who’s going to jail when? Who colluded with the Russians? Who misbehaved with whom?

This country is the biggest business in the world and needs to be run like all successful businesses. How do two government employees have time to exchange 50,000 text messages in 5 months while working, both married to others , and having an affair? Are they texting each other in the sack?

Congress, during the few months they work, find the main job is to get in front of a camera. Big hearings are good. You can spout off like a great legal mind and impress the folks back home and nothing happens. Like Obama did for 8 years.

Meanwhile, Trump, being a businessman, is trying to maintain some focus. On things like the economy, unemployment, keeping Rocket Man at bay, defeating ISIS, resolving the immigration crisis, cutting fat from the budget, improving the infrastructure, fixing what Obama did in Iran, etc.  And, in every case he is making progress. He is making America great again. But, does America care?

The media in this country has devolved into Waste Management. Trash collectors. Their business is to sell trash to consumers who want to buy trash. Those of us who prefer news to trash are lost. There are few outlets for news. Yes, Fox News, the paragon of fair, does offer some balance, but mostly their balance is about gossip, not news.

How did we become a country with ADHD? I think it started with Watergate. The media found they could bring down a president and began to believe they were running the show. Maybe they are. They are trying again and this time it may not work.

Can’t we just get back to news being news and not Pravda News.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    My wife is reading this book. She is really into it. I was surprised because she is not much into politics. It is a good read. I recommend to everyone

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