First Debate

September/27/2016 7:05AM
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Well, its over. First, let me say, any debate is only as good as the moderator, and the questions ,and Lester Holt were terrible. He interrupted Trump repeatedly and Clinton never. Who cares about the birther issue, Trump’s taxes, and whether Trump approved the Iraq war since he wasn’t voting to go to war.? Far too much time was spent on these superfluous issues. But, the media is terminally ignorant and decidedly biased, so you can expect that.

Here’s what I was hoping to get from the debate. Again, style is not important to me, it’s substance. We bought 8 years of style and no substance, so let’s just say that’s not a good idea.

The $20 trillion of debt. Trump wants to take action on that. Hillary, who cares?

Jobs and the economy. Trump wants to stop the importation of jobs to other countries. He wants to cut taxes on business and let international business bring back the cash they have from foreign operations. This will stimulate capital investment here and create jobs. He will slash regulation and push domestic energy.   Hillary will tax the rich and put up solar panels. That’s it, that’s her plan. More cash to the government to waste, and appeasement to the environmental zealots.

solyndraISIS, Trump says Hillary is responsible for ISIS. We still have troops in Japan and Germany and Korea, but Obama and Hillary pulled all troops from Iraq and left the military equipment and a weak Iraqi army to hold the fort. ISIS came in took the equipment and the oil revenue and now we know how big the JV problem became.

Law and Order, Trump’s words, not her words, he says we need to address the problem head on and do more about gangs and crime in the inner cities. She said murders are down in NYC since the mayor stopped stop and frisk. Not true , they are up. Trump’s numbers on Chicago crime are accurate. Hillary wants to do the kumbaya thing with the community and the cops. The same thing Obama was doing when he was a community organizer. Emmanuel, the Obama guy, who is now mayor of Chicago, is on the hot seat because of the murders and shootings. His “save my job and career” speech last week suggested more cops.

Hillary was robotic and gave very canned responses to the subjects. But, for the life of me, I can’t recall one solution that made any sense. Trump was his normal animated self and rambled far too much and left ammunition on the table. When Holt went into cyber crime he fed Trump the greatest line any debater could get with her e-mail issues but he didn’t hang her out to dry.

Every poll I’ve seen this morning says Trump won the debate except CNN and AOL.

Here’s the nub. Hillary said the country is doing fine. Viewers who bought that will buy her deal. If you don’t buy that then you have to buy Trump because all you get with Hillary is more of the same. Bigger government, more regulations, more taxes, more food stamps, and fewer jobs. More ISIS , more terrorists, and more crime. No help for the inner cities and more solar panels.


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