Why Trump?

June/23/2016 6:58AM
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uncle sam

Reason #1. The security of the country is foremost in the minds of the people. The Orlando tragedy brought it home again. The president made his normal gun control speech and Hillary jumped on board.  The Democrats in Congress are trying get gun laws passed to help the president and the nominee. Republicans may play ball. Why not ? You have far too many RINO’s in Congress. But, no logical American believes this will do one thing to protect us from ISIS and radical Islam. Trump’s proposal to stop Muslim immigration until we have a handle on background checks does resonate with voters.

economic growth

Reason #2. The economy. Voters know the economy is not good and the prospects for it getting better are not good. Too many out of work, too few good jobs, too much debt, too many on food stamps, too few investment options, and a crumbling infrastructure.  Nothing is really working right. I can prove this with one click.  But, I doubt you will take the time to study the facts. It’s the National Debt Clock. Our eyes go to the debt number and we click off.


Yes the debt ticks toward $19 trillion. But, please take a moment and look at the other key numbers. Like state debt, local debt, the workforce(today and in 2000), those not in labor force, the number of government employees, manufacturing jobs(today and in 2000), food stamp recipients, and without insurance(despite ObamaCare).  There is zero good news here. All Trump has to do is hammer away at this because it tells the story of the Obama years and what career politicians have done to the country.

truck ass

Reason #3. The country is tired of career politicians. We can’t get term limits because those we elect are benefitting far too much from being and staying in office. Trump won the Republican nomination for this reason alone. He will be elected president for this reason as well.

Reason #4. ObamaCare. It isn’t working and the debt clock proves its not working. There are still 40,000,000 uninsured. Those insured are being hit with huge premium increases. Insurance companies are dropping out of ObamaCare coverage. This will be more of a factor during the campaign.

Reason #5. Hillary is a sleaze. Simple as that. Zero trust for the serial liar.

So, that’s my list and I’m sticking with it. This is why Trump will take office in January of 2017.

trump is right

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Comment (1)

  1. Charlotte says:

    You are spot on with your analysis, as usual.

    It is my belief that the polls are way off because people don’t trust them and so tell them what they think they want to hear.

    The media has vilified Mr. Trump’s voters as stupid idiots and much worse when it’s really people like you and I who care about our country and are sick and tired of being used by career politicians who lie to us about everything while they sell us all out.

    I despair for our country if Mr. Trump does not win. And all those people who, ON PRINCIPLE, have decided they won’t vote for him will have the responsibility for our great country falling into the hands of a crooked woman who has shown no remorse whatsoever for Benghazi as she lied to the families.

    GO TRUMP 2016!! I think it will be a landslide but I am hoping I am not projecting! 🙂

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