Trump/Media: Spin, Spin, Spin

March/13/2016 9:44AM
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The ignorance of the media has come to America. We’ve had it in Arizona for years. The media have attacked Sheriff Joe on a daily basis for the 18 years we have visited Arizona in the winter. The leftist rag, called the Arizona Republic, which will be gone in 5 years,  has done thousands of editorials attacking Joe. The local news stations, which are truly more representative of a small population market than the 8th largest city in the country, did the same. No more, Joe’s off the hook, replaced by Donald. What’s important in all this is two issues. First, they never got Joe off the job despite millions in negative free publicity for Joe’s opponents in elections dating back to 1993. Twenty three(23) years of media attacks and Joe Arpaio is still sheriff of Maricopa County, the largest county in Arizona. Why? The voters in Arizona respect Joe’s job performance and stopped paying attention to the media years ago. Recognizing the media for what they are, a bunch of left-wing hacks who want to tell you how to think.

Now, it’s Trump across America. Even, Fox News, is spinning Trump. Watching their ratings circle the drain and too stupid to stop. Megyn Kelly will be selling brooms on the Home Shopping Network when it’s over. Bill O’Reilly is savvy enough he’s keeping his brand out of that fight. Not the Republican Party leadership. They, will be lobbyists trying to find clients. It’s come to a head. The spinners can’t spin Trump, much like they couldn’t spin Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The country wants to buy what Trump is selling and have stopped buying anything the media is selling. Megyn tried to convince the world that it’s Trump’s rhetoric that caused a hired thug to start a riot at the Trump rally in Chicago. Sure, Megyn, in Chicago, really? Chicago, the murder capital of America, a city run by Democrats for generations, like Detroit. A city that is broke, has the worst schools in the world, and is the home of Obama, the root cause of the anger.

What will replace the soap-selling media who still have the audacity to call themselves journalists? Who knows? Right now it’s a race to see who goes down first.  It will be newspapers and network news who are already hitting the skids. Left-wing cable news shows will need to recalibrate. Too many competing for the same shrinking market. Fox News will make a production of firing Megyn Kelly and do a big PR campaign and rewind the tape.

I’m a retired marketing expert. There are many case studies about colossal mistakes brands made to go out of business. Ted Levitt my marketing professor at Harvard Business School wrote the primer on this, Marketing Myopia. He surmised that the railroads didn’t realize they were in the transportation business or they would have been in the airline business and we wouldn’t have the government running Amtrak and losing billions. Schlitz beer executives decided to cut costs and reduce quality. Sorry, Schlitz, bad idea. Edsel, what can I say? The first lesson of marketing is the study about the company that created a new brand of dog food. They did it all right, except the product research. When customers found out the dogs didn’t eat the dog food they stopped buying. The public has stopped eating the media dog food. It has crossed the line from journalism to bad dog food. Journalists don’t realize they have lost it and keep hawking the crap.

Trump is trumping the media. The more they spin the better he does. His product is better than the spun crap the media is selling and the media has lost total credibility. All I can say is, it’s time. I am well-educated and had a fine career in business and I don’t need some hack with a word processor telling me I’m ignorant because I support Trump. And, don’t tell me Trump can’t prevail over those who have stilled the silent majority like me for years. Watch and learn.

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Comments (3)

  1. Jim Hicks says:

    Great Read!
    We really see now how “Afraid” Democrats & Republicans and the Washington Establishment are of Donald J Trump.
    Finally we have someone running for President who Loves our Country and Her Morals, Values and Principles has much as I do.
    It makes you “Wonder” What! & How Big it is! that Washington Establishment has been hiding from America NAFTA passed.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    Since “NAFTA” passed. (I left out Since)

  3. Carol Walker says:

    Could it be the Senators and Legislators are afraid Trump will make them work for the American people rather than for themselves? There is so much personal self greed there.

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