Bill O’Reilly Had to Go

April/20/2017 9:05AM
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Sorry, Bill, your 21 years of building Fox News to what it was yesterday is over. You broke the rules and while most Americans didn’t like the 4 shot penalty Lexi Thompson got for a rules infraction, yours was more severe and required a DQ(disqualification)


Rules officials gave you warnings. But, you thought you were too big for rules, your rules are for fools attitude was fostered by too much money, a huge ego, and a Hollywood persona. True, in Hollywood there are no rules. You can be a pedophile and still work, you just can’t be a Republican and get roles.

Fair and balanced is the rule. If you harass female employees at work you will be punished. It’s fair and it’s balanced. You have a daughter, Bill, you should know that. Funny thing about fair and balanced. That’s what all the news was until the jackals  brought down their first big lion, Richard Nixon.  If you were working in the JFK era, Bill, you would be fine. According to your own book, “Killing Kennedy”, JFK had his people procure a woman a day for his pleasure. But, when the liberal media found they could bring down any conservative they wanted, it stopped being the news business and became a group of private detectives hired to follow Republicans and record bad behavior.

Well, Bill, you put Fox News on the map, and you destroyed your creation with your behavior. The Murdock family is incapable of fixing the hole you will leave. They have lost some good people: Greta for one. Some, not so good, Kelly, for example. But, they keep some really bad ones: Shep, Juan, and Geraldo to name three. The message has become garbled and as the last bastion of fair news, it’s not what a lot of us want.

So here’s the deal, Bill. Like most sinners, you get a second chance. Some billionaire buddy of yours will be starting a new news channel or is ready to buy one that is failing and re-branding it, CNN, i.e. to bring back fair and balanced. You will be the first hire. So, take the millions Fox will pay you on the $20 million a year long-term contract and don’t sign the do not compete clause, and stay close to the phone. Say you have a drinking problem and go off to rehab. That erases the tape. Keep your cell phone battery charged. But, tone it down on the libido. The phone will ring.

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