Trump Campaign Logic

December/10/2015 8:52AM
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I have spent the past 17 winters in Arizona. Every winter I watch the Phoenix media try to get Sheriff Joe Arpiao out of office. See, Joe represents everything the liberal media despises. But, he is giving the voters what they want. So, millions, if not a billion or so, of free media advertising dollars attacking Joe for what the media hates but the public likes doesn’t work for the media.

Trump is running on the same premise. I will paraphrase this week’s war between the media and Trump. Trump said our system for vetting incoming immigrants is broken and we need to stop bringing in Muslims until it is fixed. The media drop the broken system and until it is fixed. Two days later the FBI head testifies before a hearing that the two shooters from San Bernardino were “radicalized’ in 2013 before she entered the country and were sharing radical ideas by e-mail while courting over the Internet. And, the Department of Homeland Security approved her fiancé visa. Plus, they can’t find evidence of an interview with her which is mandatory for this approval. Gee, does that sound like a broken system to you? Should that be the main story being reported by the media instead of the abbreviated version of the Trump position?

Here’s Trump’s gamble. The country has stopped trusting the media for good reason.

media respectChicago this week is a perfect example. The local ABC affiliate has devoted the better part of the news coverage to the mistakes the Chicago cops have made. It’s newsworthy but why devote the majority of the time to this issue? The news people want Ferguson for Chicago. They want to whip up the people of Chicago until someone throws that brick through that store window. When all hell breaks loose they go to 24 hour a day coverage.  If you think this is too radical for their motives then you comment and tell me why they have dug up every white cop on black person injustice for the past 10 years and made it part of the daily news. But, never covered this:

Followed by an entourage of police officers, a nervous Craig Taylor walked into court before the verdict. A few minutes later, the Park Forest cop walked out relieved as Judge Luciano Panici decided Taylor’s decision to shoot 95-year-old John Wrana five times with a beanbag gun was neither excessive nor criminal.

Wrana’s family argued that Taylor used excessive force during the close-range shooting. But according to Wednesday’s verdict, Taylor was following his commander’s orders when he and other officers were called to the Victory Center Retirement Home on July 26, 2013 in Park Forest.

Speaking for his client, Terry Ekl says a huge burden has been lifted off Taylor’s back.

“He has not had a good night’s sleep since the date he found out he was indicted, he wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s had a terrible effect on him emotionally and I think it will take a while before that is over,” Ekl said.

Taylor, 44, testified he feared for his life and those of his fellow officers when Wrana made threats and refused to drop a 12-inch filet knife. It took five rounds for the knife to finally drop. The World War II veteran died at the hospital after refusing a life-saving surgery – a decision supported by his family.

Ekl says this case should not be compared to any of the recent national cases involving police officers.

“This case is not to be compared to any other case, this case is based on facts and evidence and it stands by itself,” Ekl said.

Wrana’s family left the courthouse without comment. Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez defended her decision to prosecute Taylor.

“I think we have to be aware of the surroundings and I think restraint needs to be shown,” Alvarez said. “I don’t think that was shown by the officer in this particular case, and that’s why I made the decision to bring the charges.”

Taylor had been placed on desk duty but will now return to the streets. However, he now faces a $7 million civil suit – one his attorney believes has been weakened by the verdict in the criminal case.


No, it’s not newsworthy when a black cop gets off for shooting a 95 year old WWII veteran in an assisted living facility armed with a cane. Why, it doesn’t fit the media agenda. You get what they want you to get and in quantity when it’s an opportunity to light the fuse.

So, Trump who didn’t get filthy rich by following the herd is reading the tea leaves. Not those produced by the media but the facts.


See, right at the bottom is television news and congress.  That’s why non-politicians are doing so well. That’s also why Trump can be trashed, like Sheriff Joe, by the media nightly and go up in the polls The media is no longer relevant in this country. They have done themselves in with their spin and evil intentions. They can’t decide who fits their agenda(Hillary) and get her elected anymore.

Here’s my final argument. A once respectable publication, Time Magazine, is broke and shrinking in size and circulation. For good reason, here’s their #2 person of the year this year. With this, I rest my case.

Time #2


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