You Belong to the Government

September/06/2012 21:12PM
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To kickoff the DNC, we were given a new perspective on our ownership.  They showed us a video that you can watch here, since many of you, like me, may not have been watching the show.

We were told that government is the only thing we all belong to:

I had misunderstood. I thought his country was formed to avoid belonging to the government. I thought this was a country where government was formed to foster dissent, not create unity.

If all things come from government then we certainly belong to that government.

Again, I thought we hired people to run government. Not to own us.

Obama told us this summer that the private sector is doing just fine, it’s just state and local government that needs help.

I don’t ever plan to belong to government. It’s an inept owner that can’t manage anything let alone me. Or, my money or my health.

Memo to the Democrats. You have been taken over by a Godless group of radicals who really want to take ownership of all of us.

Maybe Biden was right, but it’s the Democrats who want to put us in chains.

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