Grandkids Lives Matter

July/30/2016 8:45AM
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circling the drain


I started this blog in 2008 because I believed my grandkids would be living in the first generation in this great country to have a lower standard of living than their parents. If this country elects Hillary Clinton president that is inevitable.

We Americans are not known for our patience. We get our news from Twitter in 140 character tweets, on Facebook, or from a corrupt media that is working diligently to see Hillary elected. Even Fox News has shown bias to Hillary , the seemingly last bastion of objectivity. The media coverage of the two political conventions is further proof of blatant favoritism.

Here, one of the reporters, maybe Shepherd Smith, drowns in his own drool over Hillary.


Here’s the Democratic platform in a nutshell.

its a wonderful life

The country is in great shape. There are no issues with ISIS, never mentioned. Police kill thugs but thugs don’t kill cops. No uniformed police were allowed in the building. No need for patriotism, no flags were there the first day. (except a Lebanese flag a delegate was waving). The economy is roaring along. Hillary  is more capable than Obama to take the reins. (this may be true). No one but Debbie Wassermann Schultz knew anything about the move to dump Bernie. She was fired, but immediately rehired to work on Hillary’s campaign.  Gee, you don’t suppose she threatened to go public about who really knew about the nasty plot, do you? Hush money. The Clinton’s have plenty.  None of this was as bad as the plagiarism in the Trump convention. That was news for days.  There is no need to make America great again because Obama has made it perfect. ( while endorsing Hillary he said ” I” 119 times, a true narcissist to the end. Then they hauled out this guy to say Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be president.

Biden and his brain


So, there’s the summary. Vote for Hillary and she will finish the job.

nanny state

So, now I’m back to the issue of patience and how we get our news. None of this was mentioned in the DNC. I’ve entertained you with humor, pictures, and short soundbites.  Now, I must ask that you take some time and look carefully at the scoreboard that will tell you the unvarnished truth. This will be hard. Your eyes will drift to the one line that we all watch when we see this scoreboard. But, please there are at least 20 other lines that confirm the destruction of this country by the current administration. Our inability and unwillingness to educate ourselves and to be educated by propaganda is why we elect people like Bush and Obama. Take your time and get the full picture and think about the first picture in this blog. That beautiful youngster looking at the swirling drain .


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