The Biggest Losers in the Election

November/13/2016 5:50AM
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First, the Democratic Party. Not only did they lose the presidency, but they lost far more. I saw a pundit say they are holding fewer seats from DC to Main Street, percentage-wise, since Ulysses S. Grant. The candidate and policies of the party were rejected by the voters. I read where a DNC employee went ballistic telling Donna Brazile she cost this person 40 years of her life. Climate change under Trump will do that. Does this sorta sum it up? This woman is probably in Portland smashing police cars.

Of course, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton legacy. There will be more investigations of the Clinton Foundation and unless she has the goods on Obama, he isn’t going to help. These will be true investigations with no political influence.

Obama, some say he lost the most, but I don’t really believe he had much to lose. He had zero accomplishments coming in and leaves with the same total. He was a hiring error and, like most, fired too late..

The Republican establishment. Saw Mitch McConnell interviewed on Fox News. He said top priority after Trump takes over is an obscure bill that will fund a moon shot to cure cancer. Does this sorta sum it up? Is this effort to have a government that can’t run the VA hospitals be given billions in money we don’t have to take on a problem that gets billions annually from charity? Mitch thinks the government can do it better and he’s a Republican.

Government employees. There will be far fewer. Trump is already saying the Department of Education is gone. How about the Department of Energy? The thousands Obama added to the EPA? The IRS, all those who were working on discriminating against Republican charities? Lois Learner, there’s a cell for you.

Lobbyists. The 15,000 who run the pay for play in DC may find a man at the top who doesn’t play the game and goes after anyone who does.

Mexico, China, Korea, Viet Nam and the countries who bring in cheap goods to the US may find it harder to do that.

The UN. We pay all the bills and they pay none. It may be moving to China.

Foreign aid recipients. Good luck to all of you.

Illegals. No longer will the phrase, “that’s not who we are as a country” replace we aren’t going to allow people to come here illegally. The  illegals who have committed crimes hidden by Obama and the media will be gone by June. The domestic convicts that Obama paroled will be locked up again if they do wrong and imported if they don’t have documentation. Few, if any, Syrians will be sailing by Miss Liberty.

Environmental freaks. If you don’t like a project that involves progress and makes sense, your trivial lawsuits will be dismissed promptly. Get the hell out of the way, the Keystone is coming. Regulations you have put in place will be leaving. Progress will start again in America. Eisenhower built most of the Interstate system in his term. It takes 10 years to build 10 miles today. No more.

This country is open for business again. Run by a businessman who isn’t interested in politics. One who knows how to get things done. One who comes in with a multitude of accomplishments, unlike Obama, and who will leave with a legacy of making America Great Again.

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Comments (4)

  1. Charlotte says:

    RIGHT ON!! At least there is now an ADULT in the White House, not some petulant child who had done his best to divide us.


    • beverley comstock says:

      Keystone pipeline has no liability if damage is done to the environment. The chance of a spill is 99%. Few jobs will be created.This is another political snow job to advance the promise of jobs in America. When Trump learns all the facts, he should reconsider hurting the enviornment,consider solar. Wind and water for energy.

      • bill says:

        Pipelines have been transporting energy products since the days of early 1900’s. The scare tactics about environmental issues are just that, blather to keep progress from happening.

  2. Jack says:

    I am so glad I discovered this GEM site off of Twitter!

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