60 Million Person March Supporting Trump

February/03/2017 10:46AM
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This is easy. You don’t have to travel. No need to irritate people at airports trying to travel. We aren’t asking you to loot or burn or engage in any illegal activity. No vagina costumes. No need to spray an innocent woman with pepper spray. No misspelled signs. It doesn’t involve supporting an illogical cause like women supporting Muslim men who mistreat women. You can do all of this in the comfort of your home. Here’s how it works.

Let’s start with the premise that you have been irritated by some external factor. Things like NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem. Or, a Hollywood celebrity speaking against your president at an awards ceremony. Maybe your daily paper having 6 anti-trump articles every day. Or, the local and national news banging on your president every night. Or, a business like Starbucks saying they will hire 10K of the immigrants from one of the 7  banned countries.

Here’s how we protest. With a remote control, a laptop, a desktop, and a telephone. Most of all with a wallet. It works, Target stores have not recovered from their endorsement of Obama’s program where anyone can use any restroom at their stores if they are sexually conflicted. I guess enough of us disagreed with that to stop patronizing Target and their sales and stock reflect the power of the wallet.

So, here’s the deal. A TV station runs a news story you find offensive, switch channels. If they do it again, switch stations. If you can’t find a channel don’t watch any TV news period. Get your news and weather and sports from the Internet. Same with the newspaper, cancel any paper that persists on giving their liberal perspective. Right now, that’s all of them. McPaper, the USA Today is really bad. They have moved their left-wing crap to the sports pages.

Boycott the Oscars. From what I see on social media, millions of us plan to do that. Stop buying tickets to movies with stars who shove their politics down your throat. Take Ashton Kutcher. His wife, Mila Kunis, does commercials for, Jim Beam,  a popular brand of bourbon. Lot’s of Trump fans enjoy a glass of fine bourbon. Maybe you choose to switch brands until Mila is gone

If we bring a little disciple to our lives we can avoid being sold stuff by those who hate us , consider us rubes, and have way too much money now. They have their little group of believers who think they represent the poor, the minorities, the environment and the downtrodden. Which is all a bunch of baloney. They represent the effete snobs who get together at cocktail parties and talk about how great the countries of Europe are. They want to see us be like those countries. Broke, unable to defend themselves, and infused with radical Muslims.

Don’t get mad and frustrated as so many tell me you have become. Support our man who seems to be able to absorb all sorts of indignities from this crowd. Take them out the American way, put them out of business and out of our lives. Anybody seen the Dixie Chicks lately? The Country Music people know how to do the job.


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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Just heard an NBC nightly news reporter refer to our president as “Mr. Trump”. I can’t imagine they ever aired anything in the previous 8 years that called the worst president in the modern era as “Mr. Obama”. No respect for the office if a non-liberal holds it.

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