Dumb Down America

August/30/2016 7:33AM
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What a week. Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the National Anthem and then gives an explanation that few can understand including Kaepernick.  I think the Syrian Bombers team is looking for a washed-up third string QB making $11MM . Good job for a man with dislike for America, Colin.

Trump adjusts his immigration policy and everyone goes crazy.  The chump with the bad rug, Shepherd Smith devotes minutes to the big issue. Let me give you the shorthand version.  Hillary will let anyone in and will give amnesty to all who are here and establish sanctuary cities everywhere.  Trump will send the criminals home that Obama let out that have already committed over 200 murders. He will stop Middle Eastern immigrants until we can get a handle on who they are and what the want to do here.  He will sort out the ones who need to go home and come back to get legal citizenship. We can’t expect to have old Shep sort this out since it’s a law that gay men vote Democratic. He needs to go to CNN and see if he can drop their ratings below the 750,000 level. Got it? Hillary=Angela Merkel, Trump=Mexico where they have a wall and kick illegals out.

Dwyane Wade’s cousin is shot and killed in Chicago by two paroled gang members who didn’t like the way a man looked at them in a store and waited to shoot him and hit Wade’s cousin instead. The mayor calls for gun control. Let’s see, two young career criminals who don’t leave home without a gun would certainly follow that rule. Could we maybe try less liberal judges and more crack downs on gangs instead? If a judge wants to release men like these they should be compelled to live in that judges’ house for 6 months.

I’m joining my friend, Tom, and watching Mayberry RFD re-runs.

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