“Me Too’s” , Hollywood and Similar Fools

January/10/2018 14:44PM
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“We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object, and go mad in its

pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run

after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first”

– Charles Mackay

Funny thing how the” Me Too” thing has stopped. Except for the Golden Globes, where women who strip for movie money, wearing little black gowns protest misogyny . Dressed like hookers they lecture us on improper sexual behavior at the very hot bed, pun intended, of the casting couch. But, few , if any women or men have come forward with accusations in recent weeks. As Mr. Mackey’s quote says we have found another shiny object to catch our attention.  But, that object may well be one of Hollywood’s own, Ms. Winfrey, Their candidate for president in 2020.

oprah and harveyOne million fewer Americans viewed the Golden Globes this year. Movie ticket sales were at a 20 year low in 2017. Those 19 million who did watch the Globes represent 6% of the population. But, to see the coverage from the TV and print media, one would think it was far more significant. Sometimes controversy sells, but often it just disgusts. Between trashing Trump, as Seth Meyers always does, and Harvey Wallbanger and the lot, some of us are done with Hollywood. Forever.

That also extends to the mainstream media and their pets like Oprah.

Have we seen the last of the” me too’s”?

jfk and monroe Not likely. The media decides the agenda for these matters. In the days of JFK, probably the worst misogynist in presidential history, this stuff was off-limits for the media. Now, it’s job one.

The disgust with Hollywood is nothing compared to the media. Put this in perspective. Nineteen million households watched the Golden Globes. Sixty three million voted for Trump. I believe I can speak for the 63 million of us when I chronicle our perspective on the media in this country. It’s like the stages of grief.

We started with distrust. We watched as they put Obama on a pedestal. He did nothing, but the media is still selling him as a great president. When they sold us Hillary it moved from distrust to disgust. When she lost and they began the daily attacks on Trump (95% negative according to a Harvard study) it turned to dislike. That has now evolved into ludicrous. Clown-like, they have become the National Inquirer posing as serious journalists. They are becoming obsolete.  We are finding new sources for news and they are rapidly becoming ignored- except in their own legendary minds.

We ask why Trump tweets. If you had to be the target of daily assaults on your performance, your character, your sanity, and your family, you would need a healthy source for response. God bless you Mr. President strike back. Someday all of this will change. It’s starting and it will happen. Mr. Mackay is right.


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