November/26/2017 9:13AM
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How do we explain this:

1. The poll was taken in California(San Francisco), Washington state(Seattle), NYC, and the six wealthiest counties in the USA( 50 mile radius of Washington D.C.).

2. The poll was conducted by the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and NPR.

3. Most of those polled were fans of the Kardashian’s and too busy to notice economic news

4. Pollees know the Russians rigged the election and we don’t deserve this economic boon.

5. Pollees worry that Kaepernick is out of work.

6. 50% of those polled are on food stamps and don’t intend to work and 50% are either 3rd generation millionaires or staunch members of the following: Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resources Defense Council, American Rivers, Sierra Club Foundation, Bears Ears Monument, Grand Canyon Watershed, or Appalachian Trail Threat. Most work for some media outlet.

7. A large number of those polled believe Obamacare is working really well.

8. Many of those polled donated to the Clinton Foundation.

9. The main news source for those polled is The View

10. Most of those polled do not have any college, but of those who do, many finished below the John McCain position, 5th from the bottom of his class of 430 at he USNA. Degrees are mostly in liberal arts with an emphasis on Cuban studies. Many still have Che shirts. All who are not in the lucky sperm club(third generation millionaires) have massive student loans and work at McDonalds. Like Bernie Sanders they will start their careers at age 50, in politics.

11. All are anti-gun and will always vote for a politician who says stronger gun laws solve everything.

12. All believe any type of tax reform not sponsored by a Liberal is to benefit the rich even if they get their taxes reduced by 50% and can do it on a postcard.

13. All love anything Hollywood and endorse any Hollywood celebrity’s political position. They know Harvey Weinstein is innocent as well as Al Franken, but Judge Roy Moore is guilty as hell. Both men and women would welcome a Bill Clinton grope.

14. All believe America has been dumbed down. Especially those who care about the economy, go to church, endorse a wall and don’t accept Sanctuary cities, know what GDP is, read the Wall Street Journal, watch Fox News, don’t drive a Prius or Fiat, own a gun, have a real job, own a business, pay taxes, or don’t home school their unvaccinated kids.

15. Flipped a coin to decide between Bernie and Hillary. Liked the idea of a woman president despite issues but liked the idea of free college and student loan forgiveness more.

16. Strongly endorsed unisex bathrooms but was offended when that big drunk creep wandered into her bathroom at her concert.

So, know we understand. It seemed paradoxical that a majority of our fellow Americans could oppose a vibrant economy. Understanding how polling is done and how our fellow citizens prioritize their voting issues does bring clarity to that.

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