Snowflake Protests

November/19/2016 6:55AM
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It’s inconceivable to me that we have a generation of young people who can’t deal with an election that doesn’t go their way. Further, I don’t understand who would spend millions paying people to protest to create unrest in this country. If it happens as advertised, I worry about a clash of cultures if the snowflakes show up by the thousands at the Trump Inaugural to blend with the thousands of bikers who plan to show up to support Trump.  What has Obama done to my country? Kids who are afraid of their shadows and bikers who support Republicans?

The media is going crazy over this election. I can’t read a paper or watch a TV news show. The very people who got it all wrong during the election are now telling us who Trump’s staff will be, what’s wrong with every choice, and of unrest in the transition team. They get pissed when Trump goes off to dinner with the family because they need to know where he is and what he’s doing every second. Yet, they still can’t tell us where Obama was the night of Benghazi. The USA Today, which I subscribe to for the sports page and the puzzles, now has two female writers putting politics on the sports pages. Bye, bye subscription. I am so lazy I keep my AOL address. I would have to notify so many about an address change, I just hang with them. When I click on I get a barrage of Huffington Post propaganda. It’s so inane I have to laugh.

I can’t relate to the snowflakes because I was busing tables at a Greyhound bus terminal cafeteria at age 14 and meeting the salt of the earth. Then working construction with the greatest men I ever met, all WWII vets. But, I can relate to this. Those of us who backed Trump and are happy with the election have options.

Target Stores are taking a financial hit for their unisex bathrooms. Consumers who see that as just another form of snowflake behavior are not buying from Target. Now the Pepsi CEO went public with the Trump election issues. I have read her comments and she didn’t say don’t buy from us if you voted for Trump. But, what she did say was I’m for Hillary and most of my employees were and they and I are devastated by the Trump win. GrubHub CEO more of the same.

So, those of us who supported Trump can protest with our wallets. I won’t buy from Target, Pepsi, GrubHub, USA Today or read, listen to, or watch anymore far-left news anymore. Robert DeNiro, no more from you and the others from Hollywood who keep going public with your ignorance. I’m keeping score, and if you want to tell me I’m a dumb ass for supporting Trump and you are selling a product, I’m not buying. Pepsi was in trouble before the CEO went off the rails. I give her 2 months at the most. Let’s show the people who insult our politics who’s boss.

Idiots can march around with signs and skip classes and require puppies and safe places, but the Trump people aren’t idiots. We can protest in our own quite ways. I will not tolerate 4 years of the media trashing everything Trump does , so I will be part and parcel of the consumers who put them out of business. Replacements will be available just like Coke is for Pepsi and I will get my news and products from the replacements.

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