The Federal Government and Labor Unions

February/21/2017 10:40AM
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A thought occurred to me the other day. Our Federal Government has a lot in common with labor unions.

First, the labor union is supposed to represent the worker. The Federal Government, the voter. Neither do that. In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker got Act 10 passed. This act dramatically curtails collective bargaining for public employees. That included teachers. In the five years since Act 10, teacher union membership has dropped by 30%, or 132,000. This has put Wisconsin, the birthplace of public-employee unions, near the bottom third of states with unionized workforces. So, given the choice, a very large number of teachers opted not to be in a union.

The majority of American want term limits. But, the Federal Government, much like a labor union, wants what’s best for the elected politicians, not the people.

Labor unions are oblivious to the damage they might do. There are no limits on spending. They raise dues to increase their budgets and pass that on to politicians in the form of campaign funds. They bargain for benefits that can’t be funded and they know that. The politicians they bought approve that. Illinois is the classic example. Illinois is bankrupt. It just isn’t official yet. Two Democratic politicians with over 80 years of seniority have done this singlehandedly. Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan and Senate president John Cullerton. The get huge campaign contributions from unions. Far more than they need. They dole them out to fellow democrats for their support. Don’t play ball, they run someone against you and fund their campaign. The bill for excessive pension benefits to public employees can never be paid. Do the public unions care?, no. Do the politician care?, no.

Obama ran the Federal debt to $20 trillion. Did he care? No.   Hillary Clinton would have run it to $30 trillion or higher.  Would she have cared? No.

To do this much damage to a country or a state, politicians and unions must have protection. Who is that? The media, of course. The so-called watchdogs.

Just now, as the state of Illinois wobbles toward inevitable bankruptcy, is the media beginning to turn on the two culprits? Yes.  But, always with some blame for the Republican governor who has tried to stop the nightmare. A nightmare 30 years in the making and expectations of stopping it in two years with zero support from Democrats.

When you can get the three working in unison, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Obama for the first two years. California forever, and Illinois the same. Detroit, for example. The outcome is always the same. Bankruptcy. Can you say, Puerto Rico?

So, maybe you don’t care for Trump’s arrogant style, his tweets, his slip-ups on facts, or his attacks on others. Before you accept these as the main issues, please read the facts above. Trump is not a union man. He has fought unions all over the world. He is not funded by unions. He is not planning to be there 40 years. Unlike the well-meaning governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, Trump has balls. He will take them on and not worry about a polished image.

Somebody better. Because I’m not just talking about Democrats and unions, I’m talking about Republicans as well. Those who come to Washington poor and leave 40 years later rich. Mitch McConnell comes to mind or the disgraced ex-wrestling coach, Denny Hastert.  The key again, neither has your interests at heart.

I can promise you this. No businessman with skills and brains will ever run for president again after this. The trashing Trump is getting for accepting the job of fixing this mess is beyond normal. The media is into nasty mode. This is it. We stick with Trump and maybe, just maybe, avoid becoming Illinois, or we don’t and just watch as it happens.

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