Clinton or Trump: Here’s the Answer

October/13/2016 7:12AM
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I worked for a great corporation that is now gone. It’s a crossword puzzle clue. A Fortune 50 global organization that is no more. What happened? HR(human resources) took over the company.

Employees spent all their time on issues the HR department deemed critical. Diversity, safety, and those interactions that fall very closely into the political correctness category.

As I observe the pending election, I see the same thing happening to this country. The mainstream media in this country has become the National Inquirer, informing the voters hourly on the personal habits of one candidate. WikiLeaks has become the mainstream media reporting daily on the behind the scenes abhorrent behavior and dirty tricks of the other party. The work the Washington Post once did on Nixon when they were practicing true journalism. Voters are getting a lot of improper past behavior of the one candidate and dabs of the dirty tricks, since media is trying to drag the old gal across the finish line.

Nobody is paying any attention to this:


This country is in serious trouble.   We have had 8 years of HR running the country and no one focused on what should be the priorities. This is what happens when leaders abandon the job of prioritizing resources. When the media runs the country its like having HR run a company. Neither is equipped to run anything. Good intentions are nice, but they need to be mixed with good practices.

So, if you weigh the bad behaviors of two bad actors and find Trump’s worse than Hillary’s (hard to fathom, but the media says you do) then for the good of my kids and grandkids take a peek at the scoreboard. With Hillary you get 4 more years of those trends or worse. That’s  her platform. With Trump you get a chance to dig out of the mess we are in and the worse mess we are headed into.

By the way, the CEO of that fine company walked away with a boatload of cash, just like Obama will. The employees, not so good.

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Amen Brother as Ed Smith use tosay when he agreeded. The press doesn’t report anymore all they do is try to get there candiate elected so they can support there stock holders and late there viewership go down.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    Always a Good Read, Thanks.
    I just hope “America Wakes Up” before it is to late.
    I have been telling all my friends and people I talk to about Trump since before 2012 – he is the only one who can start fixing the country.
    I have been giving as much as I can to the Trump campaign, I hope he gets some Good Ads going in these final days.

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