Trump Campaigns for the Black Vote

August/27/2016 8:32AM
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barkleyWhen Sir Charles says it, heads nod. When the Donald says it, it’s a stupid, racial comment. Hillary calls  Trump a racist and links him to the KKK. The same KKK that was formed by the Democratic party. Check your history. Truman was a member for a short time. Woodrow Wilson was an organizer. Robert Byrd was a member. Well, it does take the country’s eyes off the issues.

This country lets the election agenda be set by the media. Every day there’s some minor issue, like Trump’s so-called pivot on immigration, and off we go.

Let me try to get you back on course.  Clinton is Obama on steroids or crack. The Obama policies have resulted in a record debt that will grow under her. We have record numbers of Americans who have stopped looking for work. Workforce participation is at a 50 year low. Everyone is kicking sand in our face including Iran. ObamaCare is a total failure and insurance companies are bailing. She will  put us on the UK program where you wait 3 years for a new knee. She will tax business and more  will move and fewer will start. she will stop all drilling and we will have $10 gasoline. The tension between cops and criminals will escalate. Obama’s efforts to make the presidency a dictatorship will continue under her iron hand. Things will get worse for the blacks who will vote for her in huge numbers. The sleazy GOP establishment who keep attacking Trump will be a weak alternative to the train wreck of Hillary.

She won’t serve her term since her health is so bad now she can barely campaign. Who knows what you get with Kaine?

Here’s what I do know. Things aren’t working now for the blacks in the inner cities and they haven’t worked for a long, long, time. All politicians are crooked. Bernie Sanders proved that this week. Tried to set up a foundation like the Clinton Foundation and most of his staff quit. Bought his 3rd house. Undoubtedly with campaign funds from kids unspent or with money from the Clinton Foundation to leave gracefully. At his age he needs a nice place on a lake to use those 8 months when you don’t work as an US senator. Like all politicians, Republican(Denny Hastert) and Democrat(Clintons) its nice to retire with a few million when you never make more than $175K a year, Socialists too.

You want more of the same, vote for the sick, nasty, incompetent, serial liar who has committed God knows how many crimes. But, don’t insult me for supporting Trump, the last time we may ever get a non-politician for a choice.

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