Hillary’s Replacement

August/24/2015 5:47AM
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Who’s  next up for the Democrats for 2016?  Who will replace Hillary when she’s finally forced to step aside? Joe Biden? Here’s my suggestion.  Their mascot who represents everything great and good about the party. The party of the common man. Michael Moore, the man of many houses, who has raged against the capitalistic system in this country. The author, film maker, the man who was once front and center at the Democratic Convention.  The Hollywood gent who is divorcing his wife and trying his best to avoid giving her a fair shake.  To me he represents everything the Democratic Party represents. 



Conspicuous consumption.  A carbon footprint bigger than Gore’s. A man who made his fortune telling the poor how they are being screwed by the rich while pretending not to be rich. An eco-freak who in against any form of hydrocarbon production, but chews up more energy than a thousand average joes’ . He obviously chews up a few ears of corn too.

A pig and a slob who sees nothing wrong if he shuts down a few GM plants and put workers out of work. Who cares not that he shoves the cost of every form of energy up for the poor who can’t afford higher prices. Who is against the American way of life but doesn’t move to Cuba.

A soulless taker who takes a position only to benefit from the position. Sound familiar? Could be Gore, could be the Clinton’s, could be the Obama’s, could be most Hollywood celebs, could be the scientists who benefit from climate change. Could be the UN that wants the US to give money to less developed countries through climate change taxes, and it could be most politicians.

This is the symbol of the Democratic Party. So , why not run him for president?

This is why Trump is doing so well. Many Americans are tired of politicians period.  They know most are interchangeable pieces like Mr. Moore. The are like preachers who sin in every possible way but preach the gospel of truth. Too many are incompetent and corrupt. Most lie. All of bought by someone.  It takes a billion dollars to run for president. That’s why the pundits say the Democrats have to hold on to Hillary. She has the money. Same with Jeb.  Trump will have his hand out for money as well, but when you have 10 billion going in you might not make promises for another billion.

Come on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, step up and tell Hillary she’s done and send that text to Moore and tell him he’s your man.

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