Paris Climate Accord

June/03/2017 7:39AM
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Trump did it. He pulled the plug on the ridiculous climate deal Obama signed. Basically, it was a let’s see how dumb America has become test. Obama bit, Trump spit the bit.

pony in the pile

The attacks are coming hot and heavy. Led by the liberal media, Hollywood celebrities, environmental scientists, Europe, Democratic politicians, Obama, Gore, and the usual cast of characters, they say Trump has just destroyed the planet. Here’s a picture of one digging in a pile of manure trying to find a pony. Not a one could pass a test about the content of that agreement Obama signed.  Including Obama.

Remember, Obama signed the deal to drop the sanctions on Iran to keep them from proceeding with their nuclear program. Shipped them a plane load of cash. He didn’t sign that for the benefit of all Americans. He signed it for the benefit of the groups mentioned above. The losers in the Paris accord are not mentioned above. They are the very people the Democrats vow to support. The poor working people of this country. We would have exported more of our jobs to India and China and more of our tax dollars to who knows where. The impact on the environment zero. But, the impact on the poor in the cost of energy and utility cost would have been significant.

The Democrats have been trying to work both sides of the same street for years. Pulling in the overzealous environmental freaks while purporting to be the party of the poor and downtrodden. It simply doesn’t work. Michael Moore, protector of the planet with six houses. Obama, who will never set foot on anything but a private jet or limo, Leonardo DiCaprio , what a joke. Soccer moms in affluent suburbs, sure.

This is reminiscent of the campaign. The media blasts Trump and his platforms but no one listens but the people the media talks to these days. That very list(above). The witches of the View included. Hillary didn’t just lose because she’s a horrible candidate and person, she lost because the platform supported by a distrusted media is of no interest to the majority of people in this country. A growing majority.


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