Michael Moore for President

September/15/2015 5:10AM
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Why not? You liberals gave us Barack Obama-twice. You bought him, we own him. And, all that comes with him. Now, you thought you would buy Hilary. But, no, that’s not working out so well for you. Even many of you, based on the polls, can’t buy the female version of Pinocchio.   Bernie, the professor from, Back to the Future, is just too old and too honest. He even tells us he’s a Socialist. The anti-Hillary is just too honest.  Then there’s Uncle Joe.  You drooled over him when he did a little jog in a Labor Day Parade showing he can still run at his age.  He ran up a trial balloon on a talk show to see if he could parlay the tragic death of a son into a presidential victory.  No shame for any politician, even Uncle Joe.  You scoff at Donald Trump, the billionaire who gets things done, saying he’s a joke. If Donald’s a joke, what is Uncle Joe?  A blathering fool who has never done anything  except politics and openly admits he probably would have failed at a real job.

Here he is Democrats, your last hope for 2016.


He’s kicking off the Toronto International Film Festival touting his latest film, “Where to Invade Next”.

Here’s his campaign logic, ” decades of patriotic chest-thumping and constant war have prevented the United States from taking care of its own democracy. In Slovenia, he finds free university ; in Finland, he marvels at its top education system in Italy, he see eight weeks of annual vacation and strong unions.”

What could be better for you liberals?  A Hollywood type who hates this country. (Michelle Obama), a man who sees 8 weeks vacation and strong unions as utopia. What can beat a free university education.?  For sure he won’t be putting up calorie counts at fast food outlets and making kids eat vegetables for school lunches. You like your $18 trillion debt, give Michael a chance. In less than 4 years he can run it up to $30 trillion.

Why stop with Barack, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie?  Take it all the way my democratic friends. Make America into Detroit or Cuba, places Moore has either wrecked or admired.

Sure hope his film wins in Toronto, it’s just the kick start he needs to jump into the race.

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