Biden Propaganda on Unemployment

September/04/2009 13:52PM
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Joe, just being Joe, tells us this week that the Stimulus Bill has added or saved 700,000 to 1,000,000 jobs. Pretty amazing stuff. Never in the history of this country has any politician ever tried to sell this baloney to the public. Why not say it’s saved 10,000,000 jobs. Why stop at a mere million? No one can challenge the number since there is no science in the calculation of the number.

The official number is 9.7% unemployed with over 200,000 added to that in August. Of course, this does not count the chronically unemployed or those who have quit looking or the part-timers who no longer can find part-time work. Toss all that in and the number could be as high as 15%. The number of people on food stamps is at a level not seen for 25 years. Food banks all around the country are stressed. Prime mortgages behind on payments are now higher than sub-prime. Prime credit risks are hitting record levels on credit card delinquency.

With only 20% of the stimulus money out, and most of that going to state government, it is truly amazing that is has done so much for our unemployment problem.

Do statements like Biden’s help government with their suffering credibility or hurt? You make the call. Does having the President speak to all school kids with an initial message ” what can you do to help the President?”, add to credibility? Does having the National Endowment for the Arts, an organization designed to foster the arts in America and supported by tax dollars, be asked to get busy making art that supports the President add to credibility?( Is that even legal?) When ABC refuses to run a commercial that challenges health care reform, is that an endorsement of ABC as a propaganda machine for the White House? Especially after a free 4 hour informational for Obama supporting health care reform?

Why have Joe Biden, the village idiot, make the pitch for the success of the stimulus bill? Why is Joe brilliant and Sarah Palin dumb?

When do we have enough of the Big Obama Propaganda Machine? When do we demand the truth, unvarnished truth? When do we tune out voodoo economics, browbeating our school kids, using the endowment for the arts for political gain, tune out ABC and the other biased media, and demand the truth and stop the selling of socialism?

No wonder we don’t trust anyone in Washington anymore. As states still have to lay off workers, despite the stimulus money, government, the only area in the economy where job gains have been occurring, may start losing jobs. Heaven forbid that should happen.

This is serious stuff. Investors make decisions based on economic data released from Washington. If a CEO made up stuff, like Biden, the SEC would be all over that.

There is a ray of sunshine from all of this. A think tank that has been very good at predicting future elections has gone on record saying at least 23 house Democratic seats will be lost in 2010. Further, if the economy continues to tank, it could be as high as 43. Maybe this explains why someone asked Joe to make this ridiculous comment.

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