Trump is Making America Great Again

March/17/2018 8:24AM
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The economy is entering 2018 in a sweet spot: Unemployment is at a 17-year low and the stock market’s record-setting bull run created more than $7 trillion in new wealth last year, generating a surge in consumer spending. Despite years of above-trend growth, inflation remains tame, a likely sign that the current business cycle still has room for further expansion.

Tax law changes are putting cash in consumer pockets resulting in increased spending and investment. Incentives to invest here is resulting capital spending by business. This will further drive employment opportunities. Restricting immigration will result in fewer jobs being filled by fewer immigrants. Consumer sentiment reaches a level not seen since 2004. Drilling in the USA has resumed and this country will soon be the biggest producer of oil in the world surpassing Russia. Unemployment is hitting new lows and underemployment is following. New jobs created hit 313,000 in February. Average hourly earnings jumped 2.9% in January from 2017. That rose 2.8% in the final 3 months of 2017.

ISIS, or ISIL as now ex-president, Obama called them, or the JV’s, are gone. Created by not leaving troops in Iraq, like we did in Japan and Germany, we worked with allies to drive them out which Obama could not do. Rocket man wants to talk.

These are the measures of a country’s progress.

The alternative to Trump now claims her loss was due to misogyny and racism. This while showing her agility and ability to fill larger feed sacks from the Little House on the Prairie. The media keep you focused on Russia, Mueller, ex-porn star claims of year’s past, gun control, teen agers demonstrating, and other significant measures of Trump’s performance.

Are you really that stupid?

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