GE is All In

August/13/2009 17:47PM
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I have written before that the business strategy of GE is becomming apparent. They lose money on NBC and use it as a lobbying tool to get special concessions from Washington. Like the billion they just got for their finance division. The chairman, Jeffery Immelt sits on President Obama’s special committee on the economy.

GE is heavily invested in health care and green energy. The support they gave Obama to put him in office through NBC was expected to have big paybacks for GE. Cap and Trade was to give GE billions in green incentives. Health care reform is expected to give GE even more.

The NBC news shows have demonized any opponents to either bills. It’s even more obvious the past two weeks as health care reform flounders and GE panics. NBC has gone completely off the reservation and should call all news presentations about health care reform informationals for Obama.

Jeff Immelt is like a poker player in a Texas Hold ‘Em Game. He’s been on the rocks since he replaced the corporate legend Jack Welch. GE stock is tanking. He’s betting the farm that his lobbying firm, NBC, can turn the tide on cap and trade and health care reform by hammering people who still get their news from NBC with propaganda. This almost seems illegal. The only good news is their shrinking audience they spread this bias to keeps shrinking. That loses NBC more money.

Like the NY Times, Americans who don’t drink the Kool-Aid anymore, don’t watch NBC. Soon, many of these newspapers and TV stations that pander to the left will be looking for bail-outs. But, does it seem right for a company like GE that got a billion in tax payer help can pander for causes to enrich their businesses using your tax dollars to subsidize their losses and expenses to do this?

You and I can’t do anything to stop this, just choose not to watch NBC or buy GE. Just like many of you have done when you sent your AARP cards back, sent them letters, or made phone calls. The AARP has been comprised of left wing leaders since the get go. Now, they have gone too far, just like the Dixie Chicks and Obama, and they are letting politics strip membership.

Just as many doctors who oppose the AMA position are doing. The AMA represents 17% of US physicians, but most of us think they represent all. There is a reason they have 17% membership. The other 83% disagree with their policies. With their endorsement of heath care reform, the AMA may only represent 10% soon.

It is really refreshing to see how Americans, like me, who have never been political are getting involved. The congressional switchboard crashed this week with overload. The congressmen are deluged with mail and e-mail. We aren’t going to take much more and we’re telling them. The 2010 elections should be interesting. We will know it has worked when Arlen Specter announces the wants to be a Republican again.

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