Trump May Win in 2016

January/01/2016 8:46AM
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Happy New Year.

The pundits and the establishment tell us it can’t happen. Trump is not “presidential” they say. He attacks, he has no filter between the brain and the mouth, and he’s not professional.

What does being presidential mean? Does it sit mean spending years attacking Bush, then the entire Republican party for your failures? Does it mean never speaking without a teleprompter and when you do, stuttering and muttering like a kid giving his first speech? Does it mean engaging in buffoonery like a First Lady doing a rap video, being on a Bear Grylls special, driving Jerry Seinfeld around the White House in a corvette, or announcing a new restaurant for 2017 with a TV Chef?  Yes, Trump has billions invested around the world, but our president, the former community organizer, will start with one restaurant. Want to bet on whether it makes it or not?

Here’s the real kicker. Those pundits and establishment hot shots are not respected by the voters. Carl Rove doesn’t understand that Trump was right calling him an idiot and pointing out his little trip down the hall with Megyn Kelly on election night when he refused to believe Romney was going to lose to Obama. Carl epitomizes the Republican establishment still touting Jeb Bush and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the wicked witch from the South, the Democrats. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the big three TV networks represent the media which still believes they will call the shots in 2016.  Here’s reality. The voting public despises the elected officials in Washington DC right now. But, just behind them is the media. Both richly deserve what they have earned.

With a consummate narcissist as president leading the parade preening and finger-pointing at everyone else, things are not going well. Around the world and here at home. A Republican majority didn’t help. Boehner quits, Ryan makes them beg to elect him, and immediately he gets in bed with Obama on a trillion dollar spending bill. The media are spinning us to get the world’s greatest liar elected. She says it’s time for a woman president. But some of us remember Paula Jones and James Carville speaking for the Clinton’s” saying in Bill’s defense, ” Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find” .  OK, feminists, who think it’s more important to have any woman president than one who really represents women, respond to this. Put yourself in Paula Jones” place. There is little difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton. Bill is a serial sexual predator, which Bill, you pick?

So, here’s the bottom line. People who think they are hurting Trump are really helping Trump. The past is not the present. The country is done with lawyers for politicians, career politicians, media  people selling their agendas, and the so-called establishment. The people want change and it’s not going to make one iota of difference what non-change says about change.

Trump standing before huge crowds with no teleprompter and no notes is radical change. The alternative is Hillary who can’t utter one unrehearsed word without her handlers going berserk. Tightly scripted and fully rehearsed is the way we’ve grown accustomed to professional politicians  That’s what they call presidential.

The times, they are a changing, and Trump may be the change.

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