Trump, Mexico, and the Wall

January/27/2017 13:56PM
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This is new for me. I am putting these excerpts in from my recent post of 1-14-17.

“First, Mexico is not a good neighbor. They have been shipping us their drugs, their gangs, their poor(12 million or more), and their trade goods. And, their presidents, especially Fox, have been arrogant with the likes of our lame presidents making them feel  they need to be apologetic and ignore  the crap they pull on us. The leadership of Mexico has been incompetent forever, like an eternal Obama. That’s why we get their poor because their country is a mess. They tried to run their oil business and have run it dry. Finally, they have the likes of Exxon back in there drilling for them(can you say Rex Tillerson?).

If you had a neighbor that treated you like Mexico treats us would you be giving that neighbor money and listening to their crap wile watching  dog crap in your yard? That’s what Bush and Obama did.

Here’s Trump’s leverage. If Mexico wants to keep a $50 billion trade deficit with us they will cough up a few billion to build a wall and start being a better neighbor. They already see he’s serious since he has stopped some US companies from building plants in Mexico. He will put a big hurt on the Mexican economy and the degree of that hurt will be determined by the amount of cash the bad neighbor hands over to build the wall. See, we’ve always been in the driver’s seat with Mexico, we’ve just had lazy dumb leaders who like riding in the back.

Our southern neighbor is about to get a much needed dose of humility and the big dog to the north is going to start calling the shots like we should have for the past 30 years. Mucho Gracias senor presidents de Mexico for the nice wall.”

Back to today. Trump is doing exactly what was predicted on 1-14-17. This is what has happened since the aforementioned entry.

The president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, was coming to visit Trump. President Pena went on Mexican TV and said he wasn’t paying for the wall. Trump said, “don’t bother coming”. So the meeting is off. Trump says he will just put a 20% tariff on goods coming to the US from Mexico. Trump then said pretty much what I said about Mexico being a lousy neighbor. ($60 billion trade deficit in Mexico’s favor)

The mainstream media and many in Congress is going wild saying Trump is destroying our great relationship with our wonderful neighbor to the South. If our president can’t deal with deal with Mexico from a position of strength how can he ever deal with Russia or China. Mexico is a flea dancing with an elephant and the flea has been leading up until now. Now, for the first time since NAFTA the elephant is saying, “I will call the tune and you will dance for my pleasure”. That pleasure is simple. You will be a good neighbor and enforce our border from your side and stop shipping us drugs, guns, crime and your poor.

Isn’t it nice to have a president who ignores the idiots in the press, the fools in Congress, and does the right thing for the majority of Americans.

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