I Am Proud to be an American

November/10/2016 7:54AM
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I will not gloat. I promised on my Facebook page I wouldn’t do that if Trump was elected and I had gone out on a limb and predicted he would be our new president like I did here.

But, if I had been wrong this would be the last blog entry. I started this in 2008 because I felt my country was headed in a bad direction.

We should be ashamed

January/27/2008 3:40AM

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We do not have one candidate running for President who is dealing with the key issues, why? It is political suicide to tell us the truth. Why? We as a nation simply don’t want to deal with the tough choices. Global warming takes precedence over becoming a third rate nation. Heath Ledger takes our focus from dealing with no true energy policy to insure we can maintain our economy and defend our nation. The fact that our grandchildren will be the first generation in this country to have a lower standard of living than their parents is something we don’t want to hear.

We can’t deal with the truth. Running out of gas in 10 years is too difficult to think about. If you think we will be running on ethanol and hydrogen, I’ve got some swampland I’d love to sell you. We want to be environmentalists, but we can’t fathom giving up anything to do that. But we have and we are. No new refineries in 50 years, not drilling in Alaska or offshore will be a very costly price to pay to be so concerned about our environment. Soon we will be 80% dependent on foreign energy sources. Tell me how we have any way to run this country and defend it if someone decides not to sell us crude or fuel? And, someone will. They are just waiting until we get to that point. We would rather give money to other countries than build roads, improve the electrical grid, or maintain our infrastructure. Aren’t we the big spenders?

If a business ran like we are trying to run our country we would be bankrupt long ago. And, we shareholders would be really mad. We should be mad because that’s how our country is being run. But, let’s just put our head in the sand and ignore the hard questions. It’s easier than demanding our elected officials address them.

If we don’t require prioritizing the things that need to be fixed to keep our country viable, who will? We have raised a generation of kids who demand instant gratification. The spin has been put on them their entire lives. Why would they suspect the USA is on the brink of becoming a third rate nation? When China, Russia, and Canada are telling our grandkids how to live, will they be happy with what we did the last 20 years? I think not.

Wake up people. Tune out Al Gore and Michael Moore and demand someone tell us what we are going to do about our future. Not 200 years from now but 10 years from now. Trade offs must be made. We can’t satisfy everyone and do what is right. Sometimes those we are trying to satisfy are wrong.  We need to spend our time and money here at home fixing the things that are destroying us. If we don’t we will suffer and suffer greatly. We are teetering on the brink of self destruction while we proudly try to solve the world’s problems. Do we think others will step up and help us solve ours when we hit the wall? I can hear the laughter now.

We are a country of fools being led by idiots who pander to our inflated sense of importance. We had better find real leaders and listen to them. It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and start rebuilding our country and finding answers to the things that will put us out of business.

Here are a few things we can’t afford. Foreign aid. We can’t fix the world’s financial problems. Troops overseas. Anywhere. We can’t be the world’s policemen. The United Nations. Kick them out and let someone else pay their bills. The space program. Give me a break. It’s a pork barrel now. Government. Cut it to the bone. Farm subsidies. Eliminate them. Ethanol subsidies. Medical malpractice. Put it lid on it. This will fix most of our health problems. Illegal aliens. Why is it so hard to enforce out laws?

How would we spend all that money? First, we must have an energy plan that will work. We need significant new sources of electrical energy. This means new nuclear plants, clean coal fired plants, and more hydro generation. Cars and trucks that run on some electricity are the most viable options. We need to follow our neighbors to the north and get the oil shale option up and running. Methanol from coal. The Federal Government must fast track all of this. We need to drill in Alaska and offshore. We need new refineries. Again, this mush be supported by the Feds. Non one in this country wants any of this in their back yard. Hence, no permits. Once we are so low on energy and we all see the need clearly, it will be too late. All of this has a long time line.

We need to fix our infrastructure. Roads, bridges, electrical grid, railroads, border protection, just to name a few areas that have been neglected far too long. We need to upgrade education. We are falling behind. We need to create jobs for our poor. We need a strong defense. Not to go off and fight other’s wars, but to protect ourselves if someone wants to attack us on our home soil.

In the past several decades we have developed a need to take care of the world. Like the cobbler who’s kids have no shoes, we have not taken care of ourselves. It’s time to get our inflated ego in check and resign as the expert for everything the rest of the world needs. They hate us more and more each day for butting into their business. Let’s make them happy and step aside. Let’s focus on our own house before it falls down on us.

If Hillary had been elected I truly believe this country would have sunk into a socialistic state with no hope of recovery.

I believe Trump can reverse the work of Obama just like Reagan did with Carter and we can get back on track and we will Make America Great Again.

The media has already started their attacks on him. They are angry that they couldn’t get their candidate elected. The will whip up protests and nit pick everything he does.

But, that’s a story for another day.

President Trump get about your work. You have a great plan and will put together the right people to put it in place. I have every confidence in you.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    I was at the Kellogg’s tour of gymnastics champions over the weekend. They had video of various participants giving lines from the Star Spangled Banner. They said lines several times, the most repeats for “.. and the home of the brave.” It was all I could do to not laugh derisively at that, with all the students running to their safe spaces here in Massachusetts because Trump won. I can’t believe any of the snowflakes have any concept of what true bravery is.

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