The Republican National Convention

July/21/2016 15:54PM
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My Version:

Day one. Politicians fought over some insignificant rules issue. This is what politicians and attorneys, who comprise most politicians, do best. This is why we need Trump.   There were many good speeches, especially noteworthy were those from Rudy Guiliani , who reduced crime in NYC, and Melania Trump, who spoke from the heart. Remarkably, the civil disruptions promised by the Democrats did not materialize. Evidently their hired goons were intimidated by the Cleveland security and the Bikers for Trump. Chris Christie indicted Hillary on numerous charges and the crowd loved it.

Day two: Donald Trump Jr. blew the doors off. He demonstrated to all America that Trump has raised some very special kids. The showed the Republican party has more to offer down the road than the old guard who stayed home. Like Mr. Kasich, who seems to be a petulant 2-yr. old lurking around the premises perhaps valet parking cars, or little Marco who phoned it in. Tis speech will be remembered though out the campaign and right  to the polls. Soccer moms will relate to this. Ben Carson gave strong support to Trump.

Day three: Laura Ingraham did a great job of showing her support for Trump and explaining why she supported  his platform. Eric Trump once again gave America a look at a fine genuine young man who was obviously raised well and who loves his dad and is proud that he is running for president. Newt was Newt and rang the bell for security here in America. Mike Pence showed  modest humility and great perspective. In the words of Charles Krauthammer, Ted Cruz gave the longest suicide speech in history.

So far, it would appear the Trump campaign will get the normal bounce in the polls that a successful campaign  receives.

Media Version:

Day one: police had their hands full outside the area. Melania Trump committed plagiarism.  The plagiarism was the highlight of Day 1.

Day two: the plagiarism is terrible. Everyone is lying about how it happened and it shows the Trump Campaign is not in control of what’s going on there. Kasich refuses to come inside, meeting with the Illinois delegation. Christie overdid it with the Hillary attacks. The Republican Party is not unified. Scuffles outside the area.

Day three: Ted Cruz showed the Republican Party is not unified. Refused to endorse Trump. Trump should not have started down the aisle as Cruz was being booed. Plagiarism is still a problem. Cruz will insure there will be no bounce from this convention. He stole the convention from Trump.

There you have it. I am objective and the media is not. Let’s see how it plays out. The media has been wrong on every prediction about Trump from day one. They say other candidates who lost to Trump, not just Cruz, are betting that he will lose big and they will be well-prepared to step in and be the candidate in 2020.

Personally, I think not one of them is a good candidate to keep their current job. Ryan is in trouble, McCain as well, so is Walker, little Marco, wasn’t in, now is in, and has no money, Kasich may be hurt since, he, like Cruz signed the pledge and broke his word. Jeb Bush, forget  it , Lindsay Graham, hawk in a skirt, sorry.

There’s a new Republican Party led by Donald Trump and Mike Pence. A party well-positioned to take on Hillary and the mad mothers’ of thugs who were shot by cops in justified shootings. This country does not need an alcoholic, matronly, stroke victim who lies and steals and supposedly represents the common man. She will leak her VP candidate tonight right before Trump speaks. She’s a Clinton and that what Clinton’s’ do.

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