How Dumb are We?

April/13/2016 9:36AM
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hillary in the subway   Hillary is just like us. Just a common folk who hasn’t driven a car in 20 years. She rides the subway too. That’s why her little,” I’m not an elitist” scam fell flat. It took her 15 swipes to get her card to work in the turnstile. Accustomed to travel by private jet, funded by George Soros, or from her money laundering scam called the Clinton Foundation, she blew this one. Saturday Night Live even spoofed this one: hillary in the subway #2 Meanwhile, Bernie was asked how you ride the subway in New York and he responded with “you buy a token” . Tokens were replaced by cards years ago. My point is not to teach you how to ride the subway in NYC or even to go after Hillary and Bernie(well, maybe), but to use this as an example of how politicians running for the highest office in the land have become circus monkeys. You have to be a Kardashian to get elected. People are so ignorant now that platforms, credentials, and capability mean nothing. It’s marketing 101. Selling sex on soap operas to sell soap. Create an image that is no way related to the person creating the image. Think this is bad, look how this went down.

Had Trump done this or even stood by while some other politician did it, how would the media treat this?

So it goes. The dumbing down of America. It’s voting for political correctness, for gender equality, for racial equality, for a stance on women’s choice, gun control, or some other side issue. But, in truth, we need a CEO to run the biggest corporation ever created. We just hired a community organizer. How’s that going?

People ask how I can support Trump. Easy, he is running a corporation with 22,500 employees and does business all over the world. He’s not a politician or a lawyer who sells words. It’s that simple.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    We’re so dumb we elect a guy who thinks there are 57 states … twice!

    To be fair, Pres Bush the senior wasn’t a whiz at grocery store check out lanes either. Most of these pols live in a different world than the rest of us.

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