Who Will be our New President?

November/02/2016 9:20AM
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Four years ago I was wrong on Romney. The day before the election I was pretty sure this country had learned that Obama was not the answer.

This time I run the risk of being wrong again. It’s hard to imagine that Trump can win against the long odds he is fighting. After all, he’s fighting the Clinton’s, the Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, the Justice Department, the Republican Party, and women who will put a personal taped discussion with Billy Bush 11  years ago above a criminal enterprise. That’s one hell of a lot to overcome. How many individuals do you know who would hang in there against all that?

I believe he will prevail. Why?

First, 75% of my fellow Americans believe the country is not going in a good direction. Second, the country is sick to death of all politicians in Washington DC, in their statehouse, and in their local courthouse. Third, the Clinton’s may have worn out their welcome. One, public disgrace too many. Fourth, the voters get it with the mainstream media. When CNN is feeding questions to Hillary before a debate, it’s just confirmation.

So, we will see. It’s beyond me to accept a Clinton win. She is a confirmed serial liar, a criminal, incompetent, unwell, and has a creepy clown for a running mate who can’t draw 100 people to a rally. Since she’s a potential indicted criminal or a physically or mentally incapacitated elected president, he’s the guy.

It will be 1980 all over again, with Trump playing the Reagan role and running away with the election, or it will be 2012 again with Clinton beating Trump like Obama did with Romney. The outcome will be significant for the future of this country. If she’s elected and indicted it will tear this country apart. I do believe she will be indicted. Not for email issues but for the Clinton Foundation which is a criminal enterprise on a grander scale than Madoff. Huma is going to sing and it’s going to get ugly.

Good Luck, America. Mic down. I’m outta here until this is settled.

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Comments (3)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Good Blog. If she wins I believe it is all over. With a crooked Justice dept and if we have a Liberal Court I don’t know what our grandkids will do. I sure hope Trump wins.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    Great Read; I’m with you.
    I knew Romney “lost the election” at the 2nd debate. I shut off my automatic credit card payment the next day.
    I think the “Silent Majority” & “America” has finally woke up.
    I am Hoping and Prayed for a Big Surprise – a TRUMP/PENCE win.

    I will not except Hillary as my President-I told Obama the same thing.

    Since April 21,2011, Donald J. Trump is the only person who wrote me a hand signed letter back after asking him to run for president. I told him then; Thank God, We may have the man who can save this Great Nation.

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