Obama: Seldom Right, but Never in Doubt

October/10/2015 5:32AM
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Let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt. Maybe our president is not explicitly trying to destroy the country. He’s just not very good at the job, simple as that. It’s no more complex than an imperfect human who’s wrong most of the time. His background for the job was sketchy to start. He really never had a job. Whatever job he had he was always spending most of his time working toward the next one. As a lawyer he never spent any time in court. As a professor he never went to work. As a community organizer he was working toward being a politician. As a state senator he was working toward a bigger role, voting present when he was present, which was seldom. As an US senator, he was voting present fund-raising and campaigning for president. Perhaps in all of these jobs he was wrong all the time too.

Now he’s got the big job and there’s no bigger job to work toward and he’s got to make decisions. His batting average is not different from what it’s been on every job he’s ever had, near zero, wrong all the time, but with real consequences now. Scary, isn’t it. We put a man in office twice who can’t make good decisions.

Now we’re interviewing for his replacement.  Will we do it again? Very possibly.  Let’s just look at Hillary as an example. She married Bill, bad decision. A womanizer who is still a womanizer. She was involved in the Whitewater decision. She tried to push through health care reform as first lady and got Bill in trouble right away. She did nothing as an US senator to keep from having any record, except she did vote to invade Iraq.  She was running for president. Her run against Obama was so bad we got Obama. The foreign policy she implemented has us in trouble all over the world. Let’s say she had no ulterior motive for having all her e-mails on a personal server(right), that means she makes bad decisions. Now all of those decisions add up to Bernie Sanders ahead of her in the polls in New Hampshire and closing in Iowa.

Guess all of this is pretty depressing for you as it is for me. Takes me to a place where I have to look at a man who decisions add up to a net worth of $10 billion. That’s a lot of hits and few whiffs. It means he has hired the right people to work for him, he has picked the right things to invest in, he has juggled a lot of balls and few have dropped, and when it comes time to make the big decisions for the country, I like his odds vs. the others on the slate from both parties.

I’m not looking for someone who can read a Tele-Prompter and can play the political game. I can bring you thousands of those right down to your local mayor who has your town in financial trouble. All Obama ever did was study to be a president. All Hillary has ever done is to wait to take the job she believes is rightfully hers. I’m looking for someone who can step up to the plate and pick the right pitch to hit most of the time. A doctor can heal the batters’ injuries, but he’s not a hitter. A businesswoman who struck out most of the time is a bad choice. A vice-president who has been hit in the head with pitches too often, no. An eighty-year old who mostly worries that everyone should have the same batting average and fans should get to play, no. Then the rest are career politicians who should be in the booth describing the game since they are all talk, no.

Guess we only have one hitter in this game, and we can only hope he’s not like the Mighty Casey and doesn’t strike out in Mudville.  I’m sending the Donald up to bat.

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